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  1. Our Winchester case has now been officially stayed.
  2. We have had a letter saying our Winchester case is now Stayed pending Test Case Outcome
  3. Thanks Lula. I appretiate that, but will it cost me £35? The Court said that they have recieved hundreds of letters from the banks requesting Stays. Has anyone been successful recently arguing the case? Stef
  4. Just spoke to the Winchester County Court and lo and behold a letter has arrived today requesting a stay. The court representative stated that they have recieved hundreds of these letters and the Judge has been granting the stay pending Judicial review on the Test case. . We should get official clarification by close of play today.
  5. We submitted the bundle within limits, but as we have been on holiday, we missed the day that Abbey should have furnished us with their Bundle. On our return all we had was a lovely letter from Abbey stating that they are requesting a Stay ( we are at Winchester) but we haven't heard a dickie bird from the Court. We a due in Court on the 20th August, so if the Court doesn't agree to the Stay can we apply to the Court to make a decision on Abbey's failure to comply? Is there any letters etc that people know of? Regards, Stef
  6. Gary H gave me this advice... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/show-post/post-1017243.html and seeing as it's his Bundle suggestion, I'm going with him!!
  7. Can't locate the T&Cs for 1998 . I have followed Gary H's suggestion for the Court Bundle and some of the Witness statement refers to the T&Cs. Will it matter if I don't include the Witness Statement or the T&Cs ?
  8. Do you need to include all of the Terms and Conditions that span your claim?
  9. Just preparing my Court Bundle and was wondering why the Abbey bundle is sooo much bigger that the Basic Bundle. Does anyone know the reason why? I'm currently up tp 128 pages without T&Cs, correspondence and statements!
  10. They did pay the full amount £60+ 5x£35=235
  11. Hiya Lula, My wife has just assumed that they have paid the full amount, but she is just checking. The defense lists the Triton Square address and my named paralegal is Juan Sedano. Is that the usual contact info? Stef
  12. Does anyone know the contact details for Abbey's Solicitors? Thinking of giving them a ring...
  13. We have just received notice of our Court appearance on the 20th August! It seems as though Winchester are really gunning for the Banks and speeding them through. What do people think now, should I call the Banks Solicitors ( we still don't know formally who is dealing with the claim at Abbey ) and see if they want my Court Bundle? Just wondering if that is a tactic people have used to speed settlement.
  14. We have just received our Notice of Transfer of Proceedings, and thankfully, the AQ has been dispensed with. I previously sent (http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/show-post/post-765132.html) for my Barclays claim, and I was wondering if people advise the same treatment for Abbey?
  15. We have finally got around to filing with MCOL, and have just recieved the Issue Notice, which states that Abbey will be deemed as served on 30th May. I was just wondering what people thought about the Abbey and their procedures for dealing with claims. I achieved my result with Barclays, but some of the threads on Abbey seem to have a "different" feel about them. Just seems a little more intent on the Law. Only thinking out loud
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