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  1. good luck manjit! i didn't have to prepare paperwork for mine so can't really give you any practical advice, but don't panic. and you will win!
  2. Well.... I had completed my AQ and sent that off. Called the court the following day to see if they'd received NW's. Very nice man at Lambeth CC told me they'd not received it, and that I should write to the judge to find out about the next stage etc... But then a couple of days later, I received a letter from cobbetts, with copy of their AQ, which told me they'd submitted it on the deadline day (12 dec)... Anyhoo, I thought I'd probably get a court date and have to go through sorting out bundle and all that, but got a card from post office saying had something to sign for on saturday 16 dec (
  3. hey deller, what ever happened to you with the natwest loan... are they still insisting that you pay it from your account? i thought you were winning that particular battle??
  4. hello, who do i have to tell about this? have got full amount back!!
  5. congratulations deller! very very happy christmas to you! (just seen this as accidentally tipped gin on my laptop and have had to use work pooter...)
  6. thank you for your help... i had a feeling it wouldn't be as straight forward as i first thought!
  7. hiya i've just called lambeth county court to see if cobbetts had got the AQ in on time, and they said no (deadline was yesterday). the very friendly man on the phone said that i should now write to the judge to ask him to get natwest to pay up. or alternatively that the judge could set another deadline. will i get a letter from lambeth county court explaining all this? does this mean i'm going to get my money without waiting for a court date (fingers crossed)? has anyone else had this? i was under the impression from reading everyone else's threads (incl dellers) that they norma
  8. link to bbc page about tonight's programme if you're interested... i'll be watching while puttind up my christmas tree! BBC NEWS | Business | Are penalty charges bank robbery?
  9. my bank statements arrived in exactly the same state... torn, thin envelopes and stuff spilling out...
  10. thank you so much for this Michael - very very helpful! a
  11. well done! how long did it take you from start to finish? my claim date is 20 october, and i've just received a goodwill payment letter from cobbetts... want to know how long to wait now (getting married in june and this is going to really help with paying for it!)
  12. hi all I’ve received ‘goodwill payment’ letter from cobbetts, offering me £750 (full claim is £1330). It starts by saying: ‘upon consideration of your schedule of charges we note that you set out in a your schedule charges incurred in early 2000. Under the limitation act 1980 you cannot bring a claim more than 6 years after the date on which the cause of action accrued. You issued your claim on 20 October 2006 and you are therefore only legally entitled to claim between the periods 20 October 2000 to 20 October 2006. As such, you cannot claim for the first entry relating to charges and
  13. hello! sounds like you did a blinding job on saturday (have only just had time to log on and check your posts today). well done! you've inspired me to go and do similar battle very soon. a x
  14. hello - i sent the first letter recorded delivery to the head office 135, bishopsgate, london ec2m 3ur. didn't send the statements... you can download a spreadsheet to enter all of your charges in from this site and send this.. think its in templates library. good luck!
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