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  1. Cheque received!! Depending on the outcome of the forthcoming OFT test case, I'd advise anyone who has been offered settlement and not received it to consider going down the route I did. Basically, Barclays request when they offer you settlement that you drop your original case so stick to your part of the bargain and do so. Then give them a week to pay. If they don't, send an LBA on the basis that they offered you the money and you accepted so they are bound by contract law (offer and acceptance = contract). If they don't pay, take them back to court on the basis of breach of contract..they offered the money, you accepted and they didn't pay. I won my case on this basis. The judge struck out Barclays defence which was based on the legality of the charges (nothing to do with offer and acceptance) and ruled in my favour for full amount plus interest and court fee. Please note that I am not qualified to give legal advice but I did a bit of contract law at uni, and going down this route has worked for me.
  2. I had this problem. After a lot of arsing around with Barclays, I had had enough and simply took them back to court. If somebody makes you an offer and you accept it then a contract is formed (bit of basic law from my uni course!). So when Barclays offer you settlement out of court, you accept and they don't pay, they are in breach of contract. When I put in my second claim on this basis the judge struck out Barclays defence (the dimwits filed a defence based on the legality of the charges!) and ruled in my favour without me even having to go to court. I now have the power of a court judgement against them and Robert Saunders at Barclays informed me on Thursday that he had my cheque in his hand and I should receive it by today. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/78871-successful-claimants-warning.html
  3. Great news!!! I asked the court if there was a way to re-open the old claim and they said no..I'd need to start a new claim. So I started a new claim but instead of claiming on the basis that the charges were unlawful, I claimed on the basis of offer and acceptance. Barclays offered me a settlement to the old claim, I accepted and they didn't pay up...therefore they owed me the money. The claim was for the original settlement amount (charges+interest+court fee) and I slapped on the second court fee and further interest. Barclays filed a defence based on the legality of the charges. I informed the judge that I felt their defence was irrelevant as this second claim was based on offer and acceptance and had nothing to do with whether charges were lawful or not....and.... The judge has struck out the Barclays defence and made a judgement in my favour without me even having to go to court!! I am now on the case with Barclays, threatening Bailiffs and they are promising me a cheque within a few days. .
  4. Well, to be fair I should have expected it from Barclays. The TV programme the other day just confirmed everything I knew about them anyway. Not a fan of big banks in general but I have always found Barclays particularly appalling.
  5. Having begun a claim against Barclays, the judge ordered a preliminary hearing for February 9th. Barclays wrote to me about a week before saying that if I withdrew my claim in writing copying them in they would refund me the full amount. The letter said they would credit this money to my account. As I no longer have a bank account with them, I contacted the person in the legal dept on the letter who said to simply send the acceptance back with a note that I would need to be paid by cheque. 2 weeks later, no cheque. Phone up, told to email the details. Email the details and ask for email confirmation that it has been sorted. No response to email in 2 weeks. Phone again - get voicemail. Leave message saying if not sorted out I will take them to court again. No response and have just sent them a new Letter before Action. Whether my experience is down to deviousness or incompetence, I do not know...I have experienced plenty of both from Barclays in my time. My advice would be - if they offer to settle out of court, only do it on your terms - i.e. only agree to drop yout court case once you are actually in receipt of the money. Barclays suck.
  6. In mine the judge has ordered a preliminary hearing for February 9th. Is this the same thing??? Advice appreciated.
  7. Strange...I sent the standard letter to Barclays Bank with £10.00 cheque and 40 days to comply. They replied within 4 days, returned my cheque saying to me they don't charge for the service and sent me a bundle of black and white A4 sheets which have all my stamement data on for the last 7 years...although info on whether someone manually intervened with my account was missing. Its the most efficient Barclays have ever been with me!!!
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