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  1. dx100uk sorry about that hey,at this mment in time i only have the use of one arm and typing is a bit of an issue at the min thnaks for the response from you all reagrding this andy.
  2. how this started is my partner was having a clear out of old paper work and came across old loan agreements from 2003, she was going to shred these documents and i had a look through them first, and it came to our attention that we were mis sold ppi. that we didnt ask for or request, as i was at that time working as a self employed,and we couldnt recollect any of the information that was on the loan agreements one with nat west and one with royal bank of scotland, all we did was write a letter of compaint to them both and our letters we acknowledged as being recieved and
  3. i have recently sent in payment protection insurance claims to the royal bank of scotland and to the nat west, these were sent at the same time for mis selling of these policies to me, i have recived a response from the nat west and they cleared my complaint with them in under 4 weeks and made an offer of settlement for just over 3k, ,which i have accepted, however the royal bank of scotland have responded to me saying that current claims for mis sold payment protection insurance are currently on hold due to this enquiry that is underway. i have sent in a complaint form to
  4. been reading up with this situation vicki well done for standing up for your self,, and so wish you all the best well said jimbo,,not a lot more can be added to that respone. andy.
  5. :|i agree with whts been said here,,,but to achieve all the ideas put forward theres one thing that has to be done before we can get things sorted,,,,some one in goverment needs to get a back bone and do all the things put here,,but that wont happen unfortunatly
  6. :lol:thanks to every one for thier help regarding the above post,,i sent a final letter before action toshop direct and was suprised by the amount of telephone calls i recieved from them,3 calls in 2 days ,the last call was to say that they had looked in to our complaint and admited what we were complaining to them about was true and will send us the missing games in due course..result..thanks again to every one for their help..
  7. great universal have finally sent us a letter regaarding our complaint,and have passed this to thier customer excellence department,shop direct for them to deal with we reccieved a letter from them saying that they will look in to our complaint and will contact us again shortly,,this was on the 7th feb,and still we have heard nothing,,seems they like to drag thier heels doesnt it,we contacted consumer direct about this and all they said was to take it to the small claims court, howwever this could be a costly thing to do,and would they even bother to respond to this or even attend the court,
  8. i have found the name of the customer manager for great universal, emma thorpe,and have sent her a recorded delivery letter and a copy of the original one i sent previously,i have asked for the address for service in the letter,,if this fails to get thier attention and or no response then its off to the county court,seems the only way, now they have been given yet another chance to look in to my complaint,ill keep you posted, as i will need advice on how to approach when i come to dealing with applying through the courts,once again thanks to all of you for your advice.
  9. appologies for the delay in getting back to you about the above,with great universal,,i posted the original complaint by recorded delivery ,how ever royal mail failed to deliver my letter of complaint,confirmed by them over the telephone,so i had to re send the letter,,how ever the time limit of 14 days in which they were given to reply to my compliant expired ,3 days ago and to date they havent even had the decency to respond,,i have been trying to find the customer services manager of great universal to re direct my complaint to them and ask why they didnt have the decency to respond.. or th
  10. hya andy just a quick update,contacted trading standards,and they have put us in touch with consumer direct,who have told us to write to them giving them 14 days to rectify the matter and quote sales of goods act 1979.we are to call back when we have recived a reply from great universal,the man we spoke to brought up the page and agreed they were breaching the sales of goods act.so ill be sending a letter to them tonight,would it be best to send it by recorded delivey?as proof of postage.thanks again andy ill keep you updated as to how we get on.
  11. hya andy your right in what you say,the e/mail to customer complaints that we sent,has been replied to again they say its an error ,but doest even offer a compromise even as a gesture of good faith. they have assured us that they have amended the website. the reference is now pz54216,i have just looked to see if they have amended the page and low and behold its still the same,lol,would you credit it,so a reply will be sent ,i,m not letting this go, as i bet there are some that will say oh well,forget it,,my partner was getting round to that thought and said to me,, you wont get any wher
  12. many thanks andy. i have sent an e/mail on thier complaints section. and will await a reply,as i have sent previous messages telling them about my complaint and them just telling us it was an error should i be a bit more assertive and mention that my next course of action will be trading standards,up to and including, watchdog,this might make them give us a more posative response,, all we want is what was in the description of the package as advertised.why put this in the description and not adhere to what they state..
  13. we dont mind having the goods,, which we have brought on bnpl,but we will pay that off before the due date,but its the princiaple of them not sending us all the itmes that were described,my partner recived an e/mail from great universal today ,and they said that, its an error and they made a mistaske, as this some times occurs in descriptions and pricing,,as a consumer thats not down to our fault, its thier own, and what you purchase should be as described,,if you take a look at greatuniversal.com and type in the search box,, the item reference pz5420,, youll see what i mean,, my question is
  14. my partner chose a playstation 3 package deal from great universal on line,the description of the package deal was,160gb playstation3 inc call of duty black ops, medal of honour,a dual shock controller, blue tooth headset,and a hdmi lead. these itmes were pictured...however reading through the description and features of the console,,it stated,,,get your games off to a superb start with,,,modern warefare 2,,call of duty black ops,and medal of honour,,it then carried on about the functions of the playstation blue ray,dvd etc,,,in the key features of the playstation it said comes with fifa 10 an
  15. we use great universal and have had items on bnpl, however even if we dont have any weekly /monthly payments to pay we send payments of say £10/£20 a month,, to have as credit ,this then is deducted from what we owe,which makes it an ideal situation for us maybe thinking about that idea,might be of use for future reference.
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