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  1. Great stuff Anney. I won yesterday. A good feeling isn't it?
  2. I'm just about to start my second claim too atomboy. Did you mention in your prelim that they'd just settled your first claim or just use the same letters that you'd used before? I'm including details of my settled claim in with the prelim in the hope that it might speed the process up a bit..
  3. hi Steve, if you have all the statements, then you build a schedule of charges in an Excel spreadsheet, with columns listing the date of the charge, what it was for and the amount. In order to calculate the 8% interest on each charge, add two more columns, one called "days since charge" and the other with called "Amount of Interest" You shoudl hide these two columns until you get to the court stage, which you lmost certainly will. Formulas for working out the days and interest amount can be found in the Spreadsheets section of the template libraray. Make sure to include a copy of teh sche
  4. That's A WIN folks. Keep at it, you'll come good in the end
  5. Well either way it's now academic. the bank has offered to settle at 8% plus court costs plus 24 hours preparation time and I've accepted. I guess I could have held out for contractual but and gone to court but given Glenn's recent travails, I felt happy with waht they offered me. Or, to put it another way - I WON Big thanks to everyone on the site who has hepled, particularly thewifeandi, missphant, the_phoenix, tanzarelli karnevil and alanfromderby. Donation will be given as soon as the money's in my account Now, to start on reclaiming the 240 quid they took off me at the start of t
  6. yeah that's a tricky one. Either way, the bank hasn't fikled or served any papers for the hearing next wednesday so i don't think they could rely on the documentation anyway..
  7. after an emaikl or two, James has offered me charges + interest @8% plus costs. I'm charging contractual interest. He says that Abbey have successfully defended contractual claims in court. I don't think that this true...Anyone know of ANY case where Abbey have turned up to defend and won?
  8. I am. Just had an email from Inga saying she's passed my claim on to James who'll reply this afternoon. Hearing scheduled for next week. be interesting to see what he has to say..
  9. have any of you who've contacted them over the phone/email been claiming for contractual interest?
  10. So, the bank didn't serve their disclosure list to me, didn't file their documents with the court and now haven't responded to my email asking if they want to settle out of court given that the hearing is next week. So I just sit here and wait. Btw how many contractual interest cases have Abbey settled - anyone know?
  11. well I guess that the ball is firmly in teh bank's court as it were so if no-one has any suggestions I'll just sit back and wait. One other thing, if they offer to settle (in full) before the hearing, is it worth trying to get the charges they levied a week ago as part of the settlement to avoid going through the whole thing again (charges that, needless tosay, wouldn't have been incurred had they paid up earlier) Has anyone tried this?
  12. Hi caj, You can claim contractual interest (the Bank's APR) but you need to include this from the start - you can't just add it to the claim half way through. If you wanted to try and claim contractual interest you'd have to start again with an initial letter, thus putting you back 2 weeks. Contractual interest can make quite a difference to the size of the claim, but can also complicate matters further down the line so think carefully about it. There's lots of info on the "A new way of looking at interest" thread in the general forum
  13. Hey Rodster, It's considered polite apparently buty I wouldn't worry about it if you don't - I didn't and mine has progressed past that stage with no issues
  14. so as of 4pm yesterday, (the deadline set by the judge for standard disclosureon both sides), Abbey have niether filed their docs with the court nor provided me with SD by list as directed. Is it worth writing to the judge to point thisout? Anything else I can do to chivvy things along?
  15. Well i made an executive decision and included it. Docs posted to Abbey bey recorded delivery today. I wonder if i'll receive their siclosure list on time...?
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