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  1. As the title reads, my friends. I sent a PAR for £103.45 and they have replied stating my account will be credited with the £100 charges incurred. The letter had the usual contents "...sorry you feel the charges you have incurred are unfair." "I must inform you however, that we disagree with your legal analysis." "However, as a measure of goodwill and without any admission of liability Barclaycard is prepared to credit your account... This adjustment will be confirmed on your August 2006 statement." However, my BCard is maxed out and BC are likely to earn loads i
  2. Barclays have sent a letter offering a partial sum (40%) as a gesture of goodwill and enclosed a from for me to sign for full and final settlement. The letter has been signed per procurationem for Laurence White and has the address Freepost RLTA-CSUE-TCHC Head Office Customer Relations London E14 5HP This is how the settlement form is laid out… (n=number, c=character) _______________________________________________________ Customer Acknowledgement Our reference nnnncnnc Thank you for your letter detailing your response to my complaint. I accept the sum of £nnn i
  3. You could accept it as an unconditional, partial payment where you state that you will pursue for the the full amount using a court claim if necessary.
  4. Hi, There isn’t a forum for Bailiffs so I have posted this thread here to blog my progress. In short, I owe Council Tax and the bailiffs have been visiting. However, the bailiffs would visit again because my payments weren’t arriving on time, or at all. I had been making the payments by bank transfer, so at least there is proof of payment. I approached the bailiffs by fax asking them to clarify the matter and got an unhelpful reply. So, here’s the long of it… I then wrote a letter of complaint to the council about the performance of this debt collection agency they are usin
  5. Thanks Elsinore, I had been right through all of that before now (with enthusiasm). There must be a few hundred bailiff company’s throughout the UK, not all of them behaving as they should! To list those companies under the forum name of “bailiffs” (like the CAG has bank names listed) would be an immense task. However, would it be possible to have a general ‘bailiff’ forum? Rob
  6. Hopefully there will be a forum dedicated to Bailiff issues. I sent a DPA letter today because my council reported two different outstanding Council Tax demands+bailiff costs, both disagreeing with the initial demand+costs by the bailiffs. Rob
  7. Hi McVey, I have requested statements from the Student Loans Company (without use of the DPA letter) in order to establish what fees they have applied to my account. I discovered £80 has been charged for late payment and none payment fees. I intend to claim this money back. However, they have not employed a collection agency to recover this money. If any of the monitors are watching/reading… PLEASE, WE NEED A STUDENT LOANS FORUM TOO! Rob
  8. Hi Carol, I too have a student loan from nearly as many years ago, which is with the Student Loans Company. Who is your loans company and what name is the bailiff company? Rob
  9. Hi Plutos, In your preliminary approach for repayment letter (PAR) you add the interest that the charges accrued when the charges were applied to your credit/overdraft account, i.e. if your credit card interest rate is 2%, then the charges will accumulate at the same interest rate as your spending/overdraft - and since these charges are unlawful you can claim this interest back. The other interest rate that you apply (8%) is ONLY when you make your claim to the court. See all that here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/243-step-step-instruction
  10. Thank you, Michael, I’ll do that. I have worked out the interest. I read about your dealings with Goldfish, smooth operator huh?
  11. Thank you for that confirmation, David. I’ll be sealing the letter in its envelope tonight for registered post tomorrow. Yes Vampiress’ spreadsheet calculates the 8% on sheet3. On sheet2 my interest totalled £43. “Worth it”, I thought, since the learning of how to use the spreadsheet (and how it works) will stand in good stead for the other accounts I have to process in this way. I read about your success with American Express, well done! Rob
  12. I have all my statements from the day I began using the Capital One Mstr card. Is it absolutely necessary to request statements using the DPA approach? However, Preliminary Approach for Repayment sits here on my desk ready for despatch along with a schedule of charges and interest compiled by the library Excel spreadsheet (a neat tool, thanks vampiress).
  13. I got the standard fob-off from Andrew Walton of Retail Banking Customer Relations in Leicester. “We are sorry you have had to contact us about the level of service… We are looking into your concerns and will let you have an answer or update as quickly as possible, but no later than 27 July 2006.” Plus a nice Crystal Mark clarity approved blue complaints leaflet. Nice. However, I neglected to include the interest on the Preliminary Approach for Repayment letter. Would it matter if my LBA then includes interest? Not the 8%, I might add, but the overdraft interest. Or should I restart with
  14. I have all my statements from the time the account was opened so I don't think I need to ask for account information under the DPA. I was wondering what you used for the prelim letter?
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