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  1. I need some speedy advice to help me with Moorcroft. Long story short is, 5 / 6 years ago partner had a barclaycard got into financial difficulty set up agreement with help of Cit Ad Bureau for that and other debts, last year still paying debt that did not appear to belong to anyone so stopped. Letter from Moorcroft received, we requeted proof etc from Moorcroft they passed to Barclays, Barclays took £700 from wages leaving £300 outstanding. Contacted Barclays set up new direct debit to clear outstanding...all well and good..Then Moorcroft write saying pay up £300 or ring within 7 days, w
  2. We are going to write to Head Office just to make a complaint over the fact that she had to take a loan, and that to take their money that they used her overdraft she does not get paid for another 4 weeks but we do understand their right to offset so dont feel it will get us anywhere but thats not the point.
  3. My partner actually has a good credit rating having worked hard to get it sorted especially with Barclays, and we know its legal even if its not morale. Just miffed that they passed it over to Moorcroft then took action anyway, the only thing I can see that they have done against the FOS is that they have not given my partner a reasonable chance to make payment, no contact except one letter from Moorcroft. I also believe that when they took the money they put her into her overdraft or left her with a virtually zero bank balance. She is not in dispute and does not plan to be, sent off
  4. Hi, I think I already know the answer to my queries but does not stop us being annoyed. Years ago my partner had a Barclaycard got into finacial difficulty had a n agreement to pay £15 a month and did so for about 4 years, at the time had many other agreements set up with the help of the CAB and managed to squirrel away some cash so was occasionally able to offer full and finals. In October they decided to stop paying this as they didnt know who it was they were paying hoping they would contact so she could offer to settle and in the middle of February received a letter from Morrcroft sa
  5. Thanks I thought that it might be just wanted to check
  6. Just another thought neither the origional creditor or the DCA can supply me with a signed credit agreement (was for insurance) does this mean that my debt in unenforcable?
  7. Thanks I am getting myself into a tis, just want shot of it all.
  8. Bump...Can anyone give me any further advice?
  9. Ok I have had my SAR back from 1st Quote and there are a few things in it, but also a few things that are missing a quick run down in the following: They have included the policy diary with all alledged times when they have made contact (makes no sense to me) They have included the policy They have included copies of all the letters that alledged that they have sent - hard to know as they are not actually copies (dated after I sent the SAR with hand written notes on them) There are no phone transcripts of any conversations and there is no signed credit agreement - as it was apparen
  10. Ok thats great, the letter from CRS states 'Terms of business' and thats what I have posted. I will get the letter off today saying the account is in dispute then wait for 1st Quote to reply to the SAR
  11. Ok below is a copy of the Terms of Business, the only thing that I can think they can be referring to is the 1st paragraph, but this is not a credit agreement is it? General These Terms of Business form the basis of our Contract with you. Please read them carefully. Unless we hear from you to the contrary within 14 days of receipt, we will assume you have read and accepted them. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) The FSA is the independent watchdog that regulates financial services. It requires us to give you this document. Please use this document to decide if our ser
  12. Thanks PGH...you must have posted as I was onto my next bit, I will send them a lovely short and sweet go away letter till the OC get back to me.
  13. Hi I took the above advice, I have sent a SAR to 1st Quote (still waiting) and a CCA to CRS but now I have had two letters from CRS this week 1 dated 04/09/2009 Giving notice of intended legal action giving me 7 days notice and stating that on top of the £108 they estimate another £150 in legal charges. and one dated the 08/09/2009 that reads Further to your recent letter I would like to confirm there is no signed credit agreement when you take the policy. Please refer to the terms of business which yoo have accepted when you took policy with our client. We have accepted £1 as
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