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  1. Oh Nooooooo! I think I've done something wrong! Please help! I sent out the 8% interest with my preliminary letter. Am I gonna get away with this? Now I need to send off the letter before action, and I need to make sure that I get the interest right. I find it too confusing, and I'd rather not include it. No matter how many times I've tried to follow the instructions, I get it wrong. Can anyone help me with this? OR do you think it's still ok to claim without claiming the interest? I think part of it is that not all of my charges came out when I was in my overdraft. How should I re-phrase my letter now? Please help! I've got myself in a right muddle! :? Thanks so much xxx
  2. Well, I'm back again. I've finally got my response from The Halifax. It started off looking like a standard letter, then it stated that I referred them to the OFT for charges on sredit cards. I've never even had a credit card with the Halifax. Anyway, the long and short of it is that they've declined my offer... What's the next step? I guess I just send the next letter right? Thanks for reading!
  3. thanks lady! So you actually send both with the first letter then? I'm sorry - I may be being a bit dim but I've read the faqs over and I still can't get it!
  4. Also, I intend to close the account with the Halifax tomorrow. Should I do this before I've got my money back?
  5. Yes, let's hope so! Anyway, I've compiled my list of charges now (£690). I've listed them as 'Charges As Notified' as this is the only explanation on my statements that they re-sent me. I'd really appreciate it if somebody could point out which is the correct spreadsheet to use when making the calculations for the first letter. Thanks again!
  6. By the way, it's very ironic that all this has happened. When I joined the Halifax back in 2003 I lived in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and only joined them because I wanted to support local business. Ha! How stupid I was. I wish they'd support us a bit more. Ahhh well; lesson learned!
  7. Thank you both so much for your very lovely and helpful comments. And you're right, you did make me smile! I've spent most of the evening crying, but having already received my statements from the bank, I've started compiling my list of charges and spent the last hour going through them all! Hoorah! Well, I'd better get on with it! Thanks again!
  8. Hey guys, Just want to vent really. In six months the Halifax have had £700 off me in bank charges. I've been on the phone with them again today, made a complaint about a member of their staff as they were rude, and for the third time they've reduced me to tears on the phone, I'm embarrassed to say. I earn minimum wage and am virtually destitute. The last time I bought toilet rolls, it ended up costing me £40. I've just had enough now. Can somebody say something to cheer me up a little?!
  9. Hey everyone, just a quick note to say good luck to you all with your claims. I also have a couple of questions as I'm still quite confused having read all the FAQ's: 1) I requested for my statements over the phone. They charged me £5. Will I be able to reclaim this? 2) I don't understand the S.10 or the Data Protection forms. Why do we need this. Should I only request that they cease to deploy information about myself if I get closed down? Can I do that in advance even though I have already received my statements? 3) Will I get a bad credit history by doing this? 4) Should I just send them a list of my charges with the first letter? 5) Having received my statements, they do not say what the charges were for. It just says 'Charges as notified'. How do I find out what each individual charge was for, and do I need to know this? Thanks in advance for your help! Have a great evening:)
  10. Oops - I've posted this twice! Hey everyone, first off - good luck to everyone with their claims. Let's hope we all win! Slightly confused with a couple of issues, so any help would be much appreciated... 1) I'm starting the procedures now and know that I have yet another charge coming out at the end of the month. Can I claim for that too? 2) I requesteda copy of my statements over the phone. I paid a £5 charge for this... can this be reclaimed? 3) Do I need to use the s.10 form before they close my account? 4) What happens with the Data Protection? If I sue the bank, will I get bad credit? Should I write to them asking them not to deploy any of my personal information in advance? Thanks in advance for your help///
  11. Hi everyone... I've been ripped off by Halifax too... bit gutted really as I only went with them because Halifax is my home town - doing my bit to support the locals kind of backfired! I'm a newbie too, so please feel free to drop by and say hi. Just a quickie, I'm starting the procedures now and know that I have yet another charge coming out at the end of the month. Can I claim for that too?
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