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  1. This topic was closed on 2019-03-08. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. no not stated it in the letter. i rang him yesterday offering him a last chance to repair the car and he was again accusing me of making the car breakdown and how its gonna cost me a fortune to take it to court etc etc. so im now on the money claim online website and it says am i claiming against an individual or organisation?? this man is the director by the way, can anyone help?
  3. recieved a letter from the garage. basically hes accusing us of driving the car whilst knowingly a red light i on apparently>?? no way would i carry on driving it knowing i only had it 4 days stupid man. then he says no insurance company will pay out for a driver error. he hasnt even requsted the car back to look at it but yet is accusing me of blowing the headgasket! thursday ive now got to submit a claim online and start court proceedings. wish us luck
  4. the 3rd letter has now been sent, if i dont hear from them by next wed we are are going through the small claims court. ive also contacted the rmif which wasnt even worth the phonecall. surprisingly not they got through to the director of the garage who said he is writing us a letter basically saying how its our fault and how we should have avoided the situation. so will await whatever crap hes wrote in it.
  5. trading standards are the ones who advised 3 letters then the 4th threatening court action. i also think 3 is adequate. more than enough rearly considering how un co-operative they are.
  6. hi all well no communication from dealer with the 1st letter so as advised we sent the 2nd tues which they received wed, if still no response we are to send a 3rd then if that ails a 4th threatening court action. which is the one their probably gonna take more notice of. if it turns out that way we quite happily claim any compensation as obviously we are still without a car. stress we could just do without rearly from something that could have been settled so easily.
  7. yes weve done. they recieved it special delivery on wed. so at the min its looking like trading standards will have to take it on.
  8. hi we paid £3000 for the car. update- i got a mechanic to look the car over, just looking under the engine and he confirmed it is a blown headgasket! he agrees the fault muct have been their at the time. so after numerous phone calls to the dealer and no response we have to write to them stating they have 7 days to refund. we did want the car repaired but after all the messing about we just want the money back now. so they now have till wed to refund. what happens next if they dont? i have to get back to trading standards but will happen next?
  9. Hi All Will try and keep this brief, bought an 02 Chrysler Grand Voyager from a main dealer (not chrysler), drove the car fine for 4 days, on the 4th day, the engine warning lights starts flashing, and engine starts juddering, pull car over and call RAC who says there was no coolant in the car, and when he tried to put some in, it was leaking from the rear of the engine. Took it to a garage today who said the head gasket has blown, but would have to take to specialist as it's a v6 and can easily cost 2k-3k Called the dealer this morning, and he says there is nothing they can can
  10. Update: The LBA was sent and the "not a lot more I can add" letter arrived a couple of days later. Now After 14 days I have submitted a claim online. I'll keep you posted.
  11. Hi all After successfully claiming back 1k from Haliprats, I am now starting a claim against Natwest. It's for £350, the initial letter was sent and a couple of days later the usual "we believe our charges are fair" letter arrived, the LBA has now been sent off.. I'll keep you posted. Good luck with all your cases... You WILL win! Jen
  12. Hi All, recieved a letter from the bank today... They PAID UP!!!! Usual letter... Cost more to go to court.. not admitting liability.. blah blah blah I'm well chuffed.. Thankyou to this site for helping with the claim.. Donation made..
  13. Hi All Well, the LBA deadline has now passed and not a single word back from the bank, oh well, too late now if they want to up their offer, claim registered and interest added!
  14. Was just about to post the LBA when the 1st offer letter arrived, now modified the LBA to include the rejection. I'll keep you posted!
  15. UPDATE 2: I've now recieved a 'goodwill gesture'? (So thoughtful!) of £120 on an £826 claim, Time for a rejection letter and LBA now I think..
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