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  1. Hi, I have had exactly the same response from my claim with First Direct - I've got the 'Allocation Questionairre has been dispensed with' letter attached to the Transfer of Proceedings letter, so I am now sending a nudge letter to DG and also the Draft Order for Directions to Manchester County Court - is this the right way to do this? Thanks! Martina
  2. Hi, I am almost at the same stage as you; FD intended to defend and right at the last minute they have filed their defence (last Friday), so it has been transferred offline; just waiting to hear which court it has been transferred to - then what to do from there. Ironically, I put in a claim for my sister against FD, and she got £1300 out of £1700 without them quibbling at all!!!! Keep me posted with how you get on... Martina
  3. That is great news; I have submitted my claim on MCOL and have just received First Directs' intention to defend, so it has to be transferred to a local court and cannot be actioned any further online. I am really worried now!
  4. Thanks for your advice - you have inspired me to carry on fighting them!!! It did astound me when I saw the success letter on this website from First Direct which came from the same person who sent me my rejection letter (quoting the same Section in my overdraft contract)!!
  5. Hi, I sent off my claim letter to First Direct for the 2 accounts I had with them (totalling £5K in charges over 6 years!); also set up a parachute bank account, and they have now closed my 2 FD accounts! Just received a letter today from them rejecting my claim, quoting me "Clause 6.9" re. overdraft charges, so I have wasted no time in sending my second letter, threatening court action! I must admit, I feel a little nervy and don't know where to go from here so am scouring the forum for as much help and advice (and inspiration!) as poss! Any tips would be most appreciated! Thanks Martina:)
  6. Me too - I've just submitted my claim to First Direct for 2 accounts and am charging for interest too (have mentioned it in brackets after quoting the amount before interest)...thought I would have nothing to lose mentioning the interest to them!
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