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  1. Don't think so. You have the words round wrong way. I have seven closed accounts which have never been defaulted and have settled against them. But one, the Barclaycard has satisfied where I met difficulties. All of the six have OKS against each month then ST at last month. Barclaycard also has ST at last month after all OK's then satisfied. Their letter said settled
  2. Thank you Andy. That's exactly it.the actual qot in letter is as follows; "As your account balance is now zero, I have arranged for your credit file to be updated to reflect that the account has been settled in full as of today's date" So they then put satisfied on to my credit file. I accepted their letter saying words settled, but would have rejected the words satisfied. So should I complain further and to whom?
  3. I had a barclaycard with ceiling of about 250, of which I had used 200. Then in December 2008 my wallet dropped out of my pocket on bus journey. Within 30 minutes at home I realised this. Included in wallet was barclaycard. I immediately phoned them giving notice of my loss. I was told to email and write letter. Thus I did again immediately. Then silence. No contact from barclaycard. I had set up direct debit with my bank to pay the minimum amount that barclaycard informed them of. Statements came in within period of time with interest added, the amount owing went over 250 so
  4. Yes. It was two weeks before Christmas. I was spending Christmas in Ireland and had to go there without my normal bank card. When I came back in the new year I received a replacement bank cards but there was nothing in mail from BC. I will send another letter today requesting SAR and hopefully that will contain the email and copy if the letter
  5. six years ago I lost my wallet containing amongst other things a Barclaycard. within hours I had telephoned and emailed banks including barclay card / got email, back from them telling me I had to write and inform them that way. my balance was about 200. Didn't get any inform from them but noticed my monthly charges, were being constantly added. I was paying minimum amount by direct debit. Until last year when I stopped this payment. The account was now over 700 and they say its now been passed to westcot. what should I do? write and ask for SAR showin
  6. Got two new upgrades in September last. They were to be on same tariff as the previous ones. First bill comes in £189. Thinks - that's a bit much , but hey I was in states and did make a few calls using phone. The next month it is £173. No way. Looked at their web site and got email address where I wrote that tariff was not correct and if it was so, then they could have the phones back. The next month was £164 and now I have just had message that next is £158. So they never replied to email, so phoned up their representative in India. Normally this put
  7. Many congratulations Mike. Thank you for restoring a wee bit of sunlight for this year. Would this same argument apply to credit card charges. Remember when OFT gave out their report on credit cards, the identified costs were much less than the window of opportunity that OFT gave to credit card companies of £12. Lo and behold all adopted this figure in a rush. But what is the actual costs. Back to same argument. Thus would the case being formulated by GLC be similarly appropriate to other charges?
  8. Delivery Information Deliveries All prices include all delivery costs including taxes We aim to deliver all gifts (all year round) within 5 working days of receipt of order All prices quoted include "Standard delivery" and are made during working hours (between Monday and Friday, excluding Public Holidays), therefore please consider sending to a work address if applicable Delivery is not available to a PO Box Orders will not be despatched until payment is received in full We will not be liable for any re-delivery costs if incorrect address information is supplied. Re-de
  9. Matter resolved as per the attached response. Many of the 'advisors' are too far up the spines of their importance, that they fail to appreciate the best way forward. Dr xxxx, Thank you for your reply. I fully appreciate your frustration at the lack of pre-Christmas delivery and disappointment at the hamper not being received. To this end I think it is completely fair to offer you a refund which has now been processed and will be credited to the card by which you made the payment. I apologise for this issue and I can assure you the general points raised will be picked u
  10. Goods were delivered and in phone call when placing order was told they would be deliverd before Christmas. If I had been told they would be delivered in a Christmas period over several weeks I would not have placed the order. The newspaper employee confirmed that was in sufficient time for the order to be delivered.
  11. I used the advert in Scotsman newspaper to order a Christmas hamper at the beginnig of December. It advertises 'No Packaging; No, Postage; No worries'. At the bottom of the advert it said ' Oders for Christmas delivery close on Friday 4th December 209 at 4pm' My order was placed on 1st December. This was to be the first Scottish Christmas prersent for my new daughter in law on her first Christmas married to a scotsman. When I phoned my son on the evening of 23rd December, he had not received any present, so just after 9am I phoned the Scotsman and the girl there looked into it and phoned b
  12. power to the elbow. thank you for this far, but remeber the spider in the wallace cave. we shall overcome
  13. Given that the EU directive relating to unfair terms came into force on 1st January 1995, surely the banks have been operating outside those regulations since then. I opened an account with bank in December 1995 and when in 2007 I sent off request for SAR, lo and behold within the piles of paper were four statements relating to 1996 and in three of those months 'charges as notified'. So if this bank were able inadvertently to send me those statements, surely then remainder up to 2001 are alsoo available?
  14. Well done Tom. Ihave ben watching your site for some time friom the beginn9ing in fcact and w e all wish you the best. Let us hope that the judge understands the inequlaity of the business acumen of financial institutions in such matters.
  15. Your small claims action for up to 750 is without interest and it does not matter how much interest there is, providing the initial claim is for less thatn 750. if it goes above this then you use much the same inf and much the same form BUT different and go for summary calim. This is for up to 1500 excluding any interest. When you lodge this form at court, they will send it back to you and you will needn to employ a sheriff's offficer to deliver the summons . This adds another ~£16 to your cotss. Your costs include, the court fee of £44 and may if used, sheriff officers fees, postage, time y
  16. I wrote to alex salmond three weeks ago and still no response. so its not all rosy for snp. what was alex salmonds job before he went into politics? i think he was an accountant in one of the scottish banks!!
  17. yes court, and then they will pay up, or more correctly pay back those funds taken unlawfully and applied with their 24-30% interest. now what about lord dunedin and making money from breach
  18. In Hamilton Sheriff Court yesteday, the central bench was adorned by wiggy attached new lawyers. Not the usual grey faced lot that regularly occupies those seats. They were there for Alliance and Leicester, Clydesdale bank, and Abbey national. Only one pursuer turned up. The remainder of seven cases did not turn up and the fancy wigged lawyers asked for cases to be dismissed. If they had turned up, the lawyers were there to ask for sist. In this way you can come back to the action after OFT case is settled. One of our wigged friends told Sheriff that he expects the OFT case to be concluded by
  19. My response about my MP Jim Hood has been deleted and his suport was listed on these pages. I have noticed other subscribers writing about thier messages being deleted. WhY?? This puts me off this site as support messagaes are' considered' not appropraite. Would it not be apposite to list all MP's and get everyone in thier constinuency to write to thier MP and thus produce a census of responses that can be helpful to litigants?
  20. everyone should send copy of this judge cecision to their bank
  21. Jim Hood, MP for Lanark and Hamilton East Wrote to him requesting his support. Amongst his reply is the following which was included in a weekly column in the local weekly newspaper:- " Since the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee and the Department of Fair Trading accused Banks of ripping account holders off with charges for unauthorised ovedrafts, uncleared cheques etc, milions of pounds have been reapid to accounts by the Banks involved. The top six High Street banks, last year made £4.5billion from penalty charges. Charges of £30+ have been made against account holde
  22. they will at some stage refer to £12 and offer you the difference between that and £20. Dont listen, dont accept. Claim for all the charges ie £20 and £12 and the interest on those amounts at the rate of interest they have charged you. Make sure you put all those in LBA when you get your first 'normal' rejection. They may also offer you fraction of what you are claiming. Ignore and tell them the full amount you are claiming using Vampiress's spreadsheets. At the end of the day, possibly four months from now you will get all your charges back plus the interest
  23. Have paid my £10 fee and in todays post come a list of all calls made by one phone for last two years and not the length of time I have had phone, but no bills. I had previous phone in addition to the one I am cutrrently using but there was no call sheet for this. When I phoned them I was told it will cost £2 for each bil to be sent out. He at first said I had access to it on web site, but when he lloked at my account on their web site he discovered that this facility was not available to me. Any advice?
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