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  1. I eventually got on to Gateshead Trading Standards (their local one, not mine) who eventually got them to send me a replacement. In the meantime I purchased a new computer. So I asked the person who was liaising for me at the Trading Standards if I would get a new warranty and if it would be transferred if to the new owner if I sold the PC; which I was told it would. The new owner of the PC has reported that the PC is broken and that they have been unable to contact Express PCs. Gateshead Trading Standards have advised the new owner to seek a refund from me, although I don't have the
  2. So I received all of the paperwork this morning (31/03/2007) telling me that I had to send paperwork to Barclays and the Court by 4pm (30/03/2007). I'm going to send it today, but I'm not sure of the format that I'm meant to use. I've got to send my list of charges. Could someone please, please help me out?
  3. Got a court date today; 13th June 2007 - I hope that that isn't an omen of sorts. What should I expect now? I've got my court bundle already to go; what will happen with that? Fear has just hit me with the realisation of this.
  4. I finally chased it up and it's with a Judge at the moment and may take two weeks for me to hear anything. What does it mean if it's with a Judge at this stage? I've got my court bundle ready but it's not been asked for.
  5. I've received it, and sent it back but the final return date was a Sunday, and I don't think it got there until the Monday or Tuesday, but I've still not heard anything. I'm guessing that I should have heard from the court by now for either eventuality, but I've not heard a thing.
  6. I've just checked on Money Claim and it's now changed the status to "Defence" with the message: Defence You are unable to take any further action online on this claim. The Defendant disputes the whole amount you have claimed. Your claim cannot proceed online and will be transferred to the appropriate court for continuation. You will receive confirmation to where the claim has been transferred to shortly." Can I assumer that this is still standard?
  7. I've checked my Money Claim and it's still as "Acknowledged" what does this mean and what sort of stage of my claim am I in? The twenty-eight days expire on the 16th, but is this over-ruled by the fact that I've already received a "Notice that Acknowledgment of Service has been filed"? I'm oh so confused.
  8. Yesterday I received "Notice that Acknowledgment of Service has been filed". On the attached page, I have a Acknowledgment of Service form, where it stated that Barclays "intedn to defend all of this claim" and it's been signed for by a solicitor. Is this standard or is it a possibility that they might actually try and defend in court?
  9. So I've just checked on MCOL, and it says that Barclay's Acknowledged my claim today and they have 28 days from the date from when they are served with the claim to reply. Does this mean that we (as in me and Barclays) to resolve the issue before it gets issued with a court date?
  10. I took out a contract with Vodafone on the first of October last year, it's an eighteen month contract, so I know it won't expire until the end of April 2008. About three weeks after taking out my contract I rang Customer Services and spoke to a very kind lady. She told me that if I wanted, I could drop my tariff down to the cheapest one after I was over half way in the contract (nine months). Three months later - I spoke to Customer Services tonight in a bid to tighten my financial belt, only to be told I can't drop my contract... ever. How can they change their mind like that? I f
  11. Ah, my mistake. I thought they were going to hear it there if at all.
  12. I'm a bit concerned. I've received my Notice of Issue this morning from Northampton, that's over an hour and a half away. Is there anyway way that I might be able to try and get the court changed?
  13. How long will it be until I hear anything?
  14. With the arrival of my student loan this morning, I've filed with Money Claim Online.
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