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  1. a friend of a friend who also gave an statement on scene. whatsort of punishment is he looking at for no insurance?
  2. My friend had a serious motorbike accident, which resulted in him being in intensive care and on life support for 2 weeks. He has 8 broken bones and is in a wheelchair for the time being. From what I understand the other driver was at fault..........BUT and I mean but, my friend had no insurance, mot......yes I know hes an idiot. Is he able to claim or does he have to take his injuries as punishment and move on?
  3. Thank You all. Yes have certainly learnt from this to be more prepared. Natwest is soon to be at this stage also. So should be so clued up on all this by then. Have done so much reading the past month. From what i can read between the lines, is it true that the banks, if they had the choice, would prefere to go to a county court than mercantile? Could of totally got this wrong, but if not, what is the reason for this.? Good luck trick in your case. let me know how you get on. When i rang the court to let them know and to pause the case until the cheque arrived and cleared, they had alr
  4. Hi all. Just had a phone call from a Mr Thomas (Lloyds Solicitors) offering me full payment of charges, intrest etc. I accepted. Will be phoning the court now to let them know. Thank you all for your support and replies to this post.
  5. Thanks all for getting back to me. I have been reading the mercantile links which ive already found, printed etc and im slowly working my way through all this. Didnt mean to come across as an airhead!! Just wanted words of encouragement, wisdom, support and maybe any helpful tips.
  6. Thanks for that. I hope they do. If i do end up going, would anyone like to join me?????? PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hi My case was also transferred from Bromley and i to had problems getting through to Bromley Court. So i rang the London Mercantile court and spoke to a very friendly lady who told me that due to a high level of bank charge recoveries (especially from Bromley) They are transferring to the London court to ease the work load/back log from Bromley. It can take up to 3weeks to get a court date, the lady said to ring after this time if you had still not heard anything. Im due in court Monday coming. Bricking it at mo!! Good luck with your claims Hope this helped.
  8. HI ALL! RECIEVED LETTER AS FOLLOWS; "Your case has been transferred to the London Mercantile Court. There will be a small claims hearing in this case and in several others which raise the same or similar issues at 9.30am on 26th feb. The hearing is intended to give directions for the hearing of some or all these cases in a way which saves time and expense. It is hoped that all parties will attend but if this is not practicable the court will be pleased to consider the written views of any party provided that they reach the court no later than 21st feb. Although some of these cases
  9. Sent of SAR (COPIED FROM LIBRARY) recieved a letter saying "Dear Mrs M. Account **** **** We refer to your recent correspondence concerning defult fees on your account. I would like to clarify the situation from our perspective. We have always set out precisely what our charges are in our agreement with you, as they are an integral part of the terms and conditions under which we are prepared to provide credit facilities. When customers pay late, we incur substantial costs in dealing with their default. Similarly, we have set credit limits carefully for each customer to respect
  10. Hi I hope someone will be able to help me. I recieved my statments from Natwest, but only 4 years worth. But as it came to a decent amount i didn't worry about the other 2 years. i am due to send them the LBA letter tomorrow, but today they sent me the additional 2 years and have given me even more charges on my account. I would like to add this on to my claim, but dont know how to word a letter, do i have to start the whole process again. i recieved a standard letter from them stating that they have recieved my letter and would be looking in to it. Really need to know what step to tak
  11. hi all!! just to update you all. my papers got issued to Halifax on 2/11/06.!! AT LAST! so when do you think i may be getting a payout?
  12. Thanks Angi. Just rang the court to find out what stage i am at, they have not even processed my claim yet . The man was ever so friendly, he reckoned in the next couple of days it should be done. i hope so, Halifax have just upped their charge amount to £39.00!! I got charged this for a cheque bouncing! which has now taken me over my limit!! so no doubt i will also get charged for this tooooooooo!!!! I hate this bank!
  13. thanks shaz again.... dont mean to be impatient......!! Just desperate for the cash take care all!!
  14. hi all. Nothing in the post. Is it worth me ringing the courts tomorrow? Or just sit and wait? And will they have served the papers b4 they contact me? or do they just let me know when they are going to serve the papers to Halifax? Am i likly to get a payout b4 November? (birthday is on the 5th, and would like to go out!!) All this waiting is driving me mad!!
  15. Hi all, Just to update everyone.....been checking my account daily, still nothing. I haven't even heard from the court. Would i hear from the court b4 i get any cash in my account, or could they just pay it in. Waiting for todays post, if nothing, then i will contact the court.
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