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  1. If you can't afford to settle the amount in full then you need to go to court with a realistic payment offer based on your income and expenditure. If you do not go to court, then the judge will rule in favour of the collection agents by default and issue a judgement for the full amount. But, even if this happens, you can apply for a variation order to ask the court to reduce the amount to something you can afford. List your total income and then all your outgoings - include money for clothing, hobbies and social life, but be sensible. Add it all up and then take it away from your incom
  2. Nothing heard so LBA sent and signed for on 11 May. Got another letter on Mon 21st saying they needed another 40 days to investigate. Now there's only 1 day left before the 14 day LBA time scale, though I may wait until after the bank holiday weekend before taking the next step and starting court proceedings. I really don't see what there is to investigate - they sent me the list of charges, it's against consumer law, so 'gis it back! Andy.
  3. Okay, got the standard 'sorry to hear you're not happy' letter in reply to the prelim. So now they have until Wednesday before the next stage (LBA). Until Wednesday I'll be checking my account every day. Fingers crossed. Andy.
  4. Prelim letter sent today, recorded delivery of course. Andy.
  5. Hoorah. Got my list of charges from the COOP today. Nice covering letter saying: '...am pleased to enclose the information requested in relation to your account. As this type of data is provided free of charge, please find enclosed your cheque for £10.00' So I got my postal order back too. I have read in a recent thread that someone spoke to the COOP and was told all commision can be claimed for as well as the fees (except the account subscription fees). So I will be asking for £728 back. Andy.
  6. SAR was signed for on 28th Feb. Still nothing back from them yet. 40 days run out on Sunday, so not looking good so far. Andy.
  7. Sorry paintball, but I don't think that's right. I haven't been out of my overdraft since I got it and I don't get charged. I only incur a charge if I go over my £100 limit. Andy.
  8. I have a little query about this subscription charge of £8.50 I pay every month. I know I get a £100 overdraft (interest fee and no charge for using), and a few other, hardly ever going to be used benefits, such as travel insurance and discounted hotel prices. But last week I received a survey from the Coop asking me what I liked best about the account (no space for what I didn't like) and it stated that the overdraft was fee free. Now although I am not charged for using it, surely the fact I am paying to have it in the first place means it is NOT fee free. Andy.
  9. Sent the SAR recorded delivery on Monday afternoon. Just have to wait now. Andy.
  10. I have noticed several posts that state that the COOP has sent a list of charges instead of statements and that's not what was asked for. However, if you read the template SAR letter carefully, you will see it actually states, '... supply me with a complete list of transactions and charges relating to my banking history with your organisation. Alternatively, a complete set of statements for that period will be acceptable.'. So they are actually complying with your request aren't they? Andy.
  11. Thanks, I'll do that. Get that posted on Monday and start the ball rolling. Andy.
  12. I have long been angry about the way these charges are taken immediately from my account - the worst example being the day they refused a £30 direct debit (only had £29 in the account), then took £35 off me! Now I find out they are acting illegally!! About to start the process of getting my money back. Getting SAR ready, but who do I make my £10 postal order payable to - The Cooperative Bank PLC or do I need to know the name of their data protection officer? Your help will be much appreciated. Cheers Andy.
  13. Hello everybody. I am totally astonished by what I have read on this site and sooooooo glad I found it. Just like the day I stumbled accross the debthelpuk site and started to sort out my debts, this site has been a real eye opener. I will be contacting a few creditors and requesting they return the money they have charged me and hopefully my wife will do the same. I'll post when I start (COOP bank first), but I'm waiting until we have moved house as I don't want to change address part way through the process. Cheers Andy.
  14. aheaps

    MBNA Question

    Hi folks, total newbie here and pretty astonished by what I have been reading. My question is this - My wife had a credit card with MBNA. Five years ago we hit hard times and ended up not being able to pay the minimum payments on loans and cards etc. Went with the CCCS , at which point all creditors except MBNA froze charges and interest. My wife originally owed about £500 to MBNA, but this is now nearer £1500 thanks to all the charges etc. The debt has been passed to 1st Credit, who we are paying £1 per month. From what I have read here am I right in thinking that we apply to MBNA
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