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  1. Hi My wife works for a home care company where she goes to different clients houses ,she uses her own car and the company offers no petrol allowance, her calls for the day are relayed to her by way of a work issued tablet so essentially our home is her start base ( no carer uses the office). can my wife still claim mileage; allowance starting from home and how easy is it to claim..she has never kept petrol receipts and mileage would be a rough guess. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  2. Thanx to everyone who has replied to my post, is there a template or calculator out there that i can use to work out charges and interest ... i did claim succesfully on my HSBC bank charges about 5 years ago but due to some badly perscribed migrain medicine ( so bad its now been banned in america ) i go blank a lot..:!: ....thanx again
  3. thanks dx but should i still send a letter requesting a payment plan or just make the reduced payments and start down the reclaiming route
  4. just looking for a bit of advice..my outgoings are not far off my incomings, so as i`m getting further in debt to barclaycard due to late payment fees and over credit limit fees and 3 lots of added interest i rang them to see if i could set up some sort of payment plan offering around £27 witch i can afford . 20 mins later and 3 different phone numbers the last one being unobtainable i am no further on and have now discoverd i have an optional payment protection cover i didnt know i had ..( maybe i should read my statements in future )... so i`m just wondering what i should do now..do i send them a letter or keep ringing....thnx
  5. Thanx bankfodder it looks like shoddy poorly designed goods win again . from searching the web it seems that Sony LCD TVs don't have much of a life past the two and a half year mark.
  6. I bought Sony bravia kdl32s300 LCD TV from Curry's on the 29 / 2 / 08 but just lately it has developed a vertical thin green line on the screen which disappears after about an hour , after a bit of searching in the net it turns out to be a very common fault but one that Sony refuses to acknowledge i was just wondering were i stand as i was expecting more than 3 years from a £550 TV .any suggestions would be welcome ...thanx
  7. this maybe in the wrong place but here's my problem i live in Hull and was one of the many of the people who where flooded so my insurance company as part of my claim asked me to get a quote for a new sofa so we went to dfs and saw two 2 seater sofas that would replace the flood damaged ones that we have ( this was the beginning of December 2007 ) the insurance company agreed the price and sent us a cheque to be passed on to dfs .the bloke who dealt with us gave us a delivery date of beginning of february but said if there was any problems ( building hold ups etc )to give them a ring. i rung them at the beginning of this week as the full downstairs of the property i being replaced and told them that a delivery of end of march beginning of April would be better as we have no way of storing the sofas . we now have been told that we need to be passed on to the manager who wont be in the office until Thursday ( today ) and they have no storage space. now what rights do i have...? can i cancel and get my money back if they refuse to hold back on delivery....any advice will be much appreciated
  8. Nannamoon1 ...until this memo that was handed out today, the staff all used to work around each other ( one would cover the other while they went for a break and vice versa ) but now the manager has been told to cut wages bill there arnt enough staff to cover the shifts properly ,so if it gets really busy you may not get a break at all ( breaks used to be for 20mins every 4 and a half hrs ) we know about the 20mins minimum for every 6hrs. But can they legally make you work for a whole shift with maybe loosing your break because it was too busy for you to have one. :-?
  9. Does any one know if this is legal .My wife works full time for a well known cinema and has just been given a printed memo along with other staff saying that you cannot take your allotted break without asking permission from the team leader who can refuse if she thinks it is too busy .This surely cant be right can anyone shed some light on this ....some days her shift is from 10am till 10:30pm...and she`s just had a text from a mate at work saying a staff member has just been refused a break ...this is ridiculous....
  10. AQUA CARD SERVICES P.O.Box 29016 Dunfermline , Fife KY99 4YA
  11. I`m about to send off the SAR letter to my Aqua credit card and i was wondering is the Dunfermline ,Fife. the right address to send it to. thanx:)
  12. Hi there I've been looking around the site for a few weeks and decided that HSBC has had enough of my money. So last week i sent of my letter asking for all my statements and i received them yesterday and after sorting 4yrs worth of statements i couldn't believe how much i had been charged, and then i got a phone call from my bank a £31 dd had been paid out and then been recalled by the bank because it would have put me £20 over my limit and then charged me £30 which has put me over my limit anyway:eek: :o :o time for a large brandy and coke............bye for now
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