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  1. Thank you..... The letter will be leaving tomorrow.... hopefully we will be on our way to being 4990.00 better off...... Bless them!!!!
  2. Hi..... Sorry to sound really thick, but we are just about to send letter No2 asking for our £4990.00 back.... I'm just a little unsure who to address it to.... is it just the bank head office? Any help would be much appreciated Cheers S&E
  3. Quick update, just picked up a nice wad of 11yrs of statements (255 sheets! I opened the acc in '95) from the Post office, they were sent by recorded delivery, securely packaged, thank you Mr Halifax. They are early too, they had until the 22nd and I haven't even chased them since the first letter. We have worked out I have been charged £4990.00 in the last 6 yrs without adding any interest yet. So now on to the next letter asking very nicely for it all back...... Watch this space. Steve and Emma:-o
  4. Just a quickie, sent the Subject access request last week (wed, i think) via Royal Mail "Signed For". Today received the standard "Thank you for your request....we have untill 22nd Dec to comply" letter. So just waiting now all the while they continue to add charges on......... I'll keep you posted... Steve Kenney.
  5. My name is Steve Kenney (28) I have joined this site as I am planning on reclaiming my unlawful charges, last week I had £207 in charges alone. How they expect you to stay afloat when these charges are taken seven days from the date of the letter is beyond me.. Me and the wife (Emma, 26) are not bad people we want to keep everyone happy we just made mistakes when we were younger (Mainly me from when I was single living with parents,instant credit, £6k credit cards) and boy, aren't we paying for them now. Being constantly over our overdraft and not having any money for us is very har
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