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  1. Hello again, I'm sorry for being a nuisance but a couple of things are bothering me. While I would be ok to stop the direct debit, which wouldn't go out for another 2 weeks or so, I wonder if I could get help on the below : 1. Loan / PPI, when loan was granted there is only one entry on his statement, assuming for both, the PPI being a one off payment? Without the SAR paperwork how will I know anything about the PPI? 2. How can I reclain PPI and charges without the SAR's information, as I have no idea how much any of it was. 3. What can I do / how can I find out about the mergin
  2. sorry to be a pain but can anyone tell me if multiple requests for SAR can be requested for the same account?
  3. Thanks Rayne, anytime but more than once on the same account? Babybear....ooooo sorry whats an ' OSA ' ?
  4. Can I just ask.....by stopping payments, initiating the inevititable harrassment onslaught that will follow......... because my son requested statements to address charges in the past, for which they added £10 onto his O/D,thereby making it a SAR (?) ......if needed can another 'SAR ' be requested? Only ask as whatever they did send, only the list of charges has survived. My only concern is that if not, how can I start this journey with no access to any information? Many thanks
  5. It's knowing which section is more relevant though debt collectors or banking lol....still am here now and getting help so alls good
  6. LOL babybear...son had been toying with having to go BR as he couldn't see a way out of all this, felt he could never catch up with the escalating charges and interest, along with all the pestering calls etc that's when I offered to help, if I could. Still not sure if I am right in advising against BR... Actually having read my post I am unsure if it's in the right section ? Lloyds - DCa's ....?
  7. Hi dx, yes sorry I agree looks and reads disjointed, no idea why the layout was like that, wasn't when I typed it - have now tided it up..to understand I felt it needed to be chronologically listed which didn't help. To put in a nutshell he had current account, then loan, then charges started then array of DCA's, defaulted and finally agreement of £25 a month to stop the harrasmen. I have his credit report now and it shows two entries from Lloyds. One the loan started 11/01/06 defaulted 7/8/07 and the other for the current account starting 16/12/05 and defaulted 7/8/07. The last wages pai
  8. Thanks dx, can I just ask...would it ever be the case that the DCA would offer the F & F without the knowledge of the OC ? Only reason I ask is, the payments are made out to LLoyds and they appear to still own the debt and with them supplying the list of charges and more ( cant find it ) while the DCA's are chasing implies they still have finger on the pulse ( have documentation...If this might be the case and court papers are served have I just created a CCJ for my son? I am not disagreeing with you please don't think that and am very grateful for your advice, long may it continue, r
  9. Thanks Nailpost, I guess there is no way of finding out if any payments were made and when? Only dates I have are the start and default dates....
  10. Continuing on my quest to help son. All this happened long before I found CAG so forgive me as you groan loudly as us uneducated mortals displayed stupendous ignorance! Son had current account with Lloyds, no overdraft facilities. Unsure when opened earliest statement I can find is Dec 2005 He then arranges a loan with the first payment going out Jan 2006 ( relying on statements ) Loan was with Lloyds using ' Loansdirect' ? Account and loan ( via direct debits ) both worked fine until July 2006 when he ran out of money thus there wasn't enough to cover loan DD. The b
  11. Spamheed, thank you, I'll now wait with bated breath! Is their a time limit on the 'Prove it ' letter that they have to comply with? Nailpost, The start date was 02/12/05, default was 15/05/06. Have no idea when last payment was made as don't really know what the debt is for, obviousloy some form of communications but thats all we know. We certainly have no paperwork of any sort. It also says ' file updated for the period 10/10/10, does this mean anything?
  12. Evening everyone, An update - not heard anything from the DCA yet but the credit report has arrived. It does show Arrow Global - communications - listed and that it is in default. Says it was started in 2005 and defaulted in May 2006. There is not however any reference to Orange, either as the original account or a credit reference / account in their own right. Quite simply the only reference to this ' debtl ' is from arrow. I have already sent a prove it letter, not signed and sent recorded, last week. So what is the best way forward please.
  13. Ok Spamheed, thank you. I'll post back with either their response or the results of the credit file which every happens first.....
  14. opps ! I'm sure I didn't press ' submit ' 3 times ! Sorry
  15. Ok, statutory report ordered and paid for. ' Prove it ' letter ready to go recorded tomorrow.....should I be doing anything else? Also without the ability to ask for a CCA, is there another template I need to send to gain the details they have? Many thanks again for making this an easy to follow helpful procedure....and I hope you are all about to help me unvavel the hideous Lloyds screw up I have to unravel !
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