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  1. ah right thanks a lot for clearing that up probably cause more confusion now as dont have a clue what it could be !
  2. Hi all, Just a quick question as am stuck at work and the thought is doing my head in! Apparently i have received a letter today but as its a signed for delivery can't now get it til tomorrow. I have sent both the prelim and lba to hsbc and still awaiting a response. Could this be it? do they tend to send the response recorded / signed for delivery ? Many thanks for any answers, Adam
  3. No response at all to Prelim letter so have today posted the letter before action ! Parachute account is all set up so i'm all set At least the wait is worth it i guess !
  4. Well first of all Hi everyone ! Not sure if i like this site or not as it has made me spend countless hours researching, working out figures and god knows what else but the end results seem to be good ! Have today attacked my first bank HSBC so will keep everyone updated. Sent the prelim letter as was able to get all info that i needed from archived statements or internet banking. Adam
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