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  1. Ok thanks Bookie, so threatening legal action is only to be used as a last resort - it could go either way if it's on balance of probabilities! I'll have a look through the T&Cs.
  2. Buzby, the van was checked when first given to my stepdad, he did walk round and check it with the rep. The damage they are now claiming has appeared was not there. But the van was not checked when collected from my stepdad. So are you saying it is for my stepdad to prove it wasn't him rather than the hire company prove it was him that caused the damage? I wasn't saying the cost was expensive, I know it's a standard panel repair, just from the way they've described it he would have realised he'd hit it, which he swears blind he didn't.
  3. I don't think they did any sort of checks when it was collected, and then the alleged damage suddenly appeared back at the depot. So surely they can't prove it was there when my stepdad handed the keys back to the driver? He is absolutely sure he didn't hit the van, and to cause £200+ damage I think you'd realise you'd done it!!
  4. Ok thanks everyone, will pass the advice on to my stepdad and let you know how he gets on. Thinking down the line, if my stepdad was to threaten court action to reclaim his deposit, I'm assuming the burden of proof lies with them??
  5. Hoping someone can please help with this. My stepdad hired a van to help my brother move house, and had to pay a £100 deposit. He used the van, it was then collected by hire company and taken back to their depot. He then had a phone call telling him there was damage that he had failed to inform them of, and not only are they keeping his deposit they want £205 + VAT. He is absolutely adamant that he did not damage the van. Surely it should have been checked when it was collected, who's to say it wasn't their driver on the way back to the depot?? Can someone please advise what h
  6. You're very welcome *whispers* if someone helps you, clicking their scales is a small 'thank you'! Not that I'm hinting or anything - thought it might be useful for future knowledge!!
  7. If I were you I'd start a thread in the Barclays forum, you'll get better advice specific to your bank that way. I don't think they'll be able to wriggle out of it using the test case, if you've already obtained judgement. Don't panic!! Have a read here, the process of obtaining judgement by default is described in more detail. Good luck
  8. A stay is basically putting your claim on hold until the outcome of the test case. Suggest you read here and start a thread in the forum for the relevant bank if you haven't already done so? Good luck
  9. Hello, and welcome! SARs entitle you to a complete histroy of your account with an organisation, most commonly used for obtaining lists of transactions/statements when reclaiming bank charges. CCAs are the original agreements signed when taking out a loan or credit card etc. Recommend you take a look at the FAQs and, assuming CapQuest are a DCA, I think the forums most relevant to you are http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/ , http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collectors-debt-collection/ Good luck
  10. gmcdonald, I replied on your other thread
  11. Ok, you need to read here and then start a thread in the forum for your bank, where people will be able to give you more in depth advice if you need it.
  12. I think the case is due to be heard in Jan/Feb, but the appeals etc. will definitely drag it out. Longest estimate I've heard is three years!
  13. It means your claim will be transferred to your local court, and the judge there will decide whether to send you an AQ. So just a case of waiting. While you're waiting, probably a good idea to read up on the FAQs http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/ And then start a thread in the correct section for your bank so that people can give you more in depth advice if you need it.
  14. Bump literally bumps the post back to the top of the list, could even be Bring Up My Post A sticky is deemed important enough to always be at the top. Hope that helps,
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