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  1. Drewster That's what i put, the total yes. Don't forget the £10 for the access request if you paid for your statements. MC
  2. They finally settled 0n 28/12/06. Total payed back to me as two amounts was £589. And i've got the fee fro the incorrect MCOl back from the courts as well. Couldn't ask for a better result or a more helpful website, 5% on its way. Halifax £472 Data request 06/09/06 Repayment of charges 26/10/06 Letter before action 09/11/06 Response to settlement 15/10/06 MCOL 24/11/06 MCOL re-issued 14/12/06 Claim Settled 28/12/06
  3. End of panic. They suspended the claim because i had issued it wrongly. I have resubmitted the claim and they are refunding the original cost. PHEW.
  4. Has anyone any experience of their moneyclaim being suspended. Logged onto HMCL and the status now says, Suspended Your claim has been suspended. This can be for a number of reasons. For example, if the claim form is returned by the Post Office not served, this will cause your claim to be suspended. Similarly, the Defendant can make an application to suspend any part of your claim. You cannot take further action(s) when a claim has been suspended for example request judgments' and warrants. Anyone any ideas. I've e-mailed them for more details.
  5. Just got another charge of £39 for a bounced DD, the day after my MCOl went in. Thought i'd ask the Halifax not to put the charge through but guess what the reply was. NO CHANCE. Customer services are saying that they are under instructions never to refund charges. Also still in denial about the OFT statement regarding charges and claim they are a bank and would never do anything illegal. Looks like i have another letter and MCOl to do. Halifax £472 Data request 06-09-06 Repayment of charges 26 10 06 Letter before action 09 11 06 Response to settlement 15 10 06 MCOL 24-11-06
  6. Well time for the MCOL. Goes in tomorrow. I've read all the FAQ's and lot's of cases so i shouldn't have missed anything. Nerves playing up, lets see what happens. Halifax £472 Data request 06-09-06 Repayment of charges 26 10 06 Letter before action 09 11 06 Response to settlement 15 10 06 MCOL 24-11-06 (tomorrow)
  7. Thanks for the support jonni2bad. Got a bog standard offer letter today for what they call goodwill of £200. Nothing in it different from what everyone else seems to get from the Halifax. That charges are in line with their TAC's, and if i have a problem with them to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service and saying they have the right to close the account if i do not manage it correctly. Rjection of settlement being posted tomorrow and they have until na week on thursday when MCOl will be completed. They have at least provided me with a prepaid first class envelope. Lets see if we can get completed before christmas. Anyone know what the normal timescale for responses from the courts once the claim is filed? Halifax £472 Data request 06-09-06 Repayment of charges 26 10 06 Letter before action 09 11 06 Response to settlement 15 10 06
  8. Sneaky buggers, always ring up and ask for my wife and not me. Now claiming that OFT rulings only apply to credit cards, asked them to put this in writing since i was at work and couldn't discuss at the time I'll see shat turns up and post it.
  9. There is one concern i have which maybe someone could re-assure me on. I had a repossession a few years ago with a shortfall of £12000. The Halifax have agreed to accept £6000 in installments. The last letter i had from the intermediaries has the statement below This settlement relates only to your liability. Halifax reserves the right to pursue all other parties to the mortgage, including guarantors if applicable, for the remaining balance. This arrangement is strictly conditional upon payments being made when due. Failure to maintain the arrangement will result in the arrangement being withdrawn and the full outstanding loss, less any payments made, and not the agreed settlement, will become due. There were no other parties involved, no guarantors. So can I be confident that as long as I maintain payments for the remaining months they cannot pursue me for the rest of the shortfall.
  10. Just recieved the following from the Halifax Dear Mr & Mrs Crowther Thank you for your letter, which was received at this office on 1st November 2006. I am sorry to learn that you are unhappy with charges applied to your account. We're keen to deal with your concerns as quickly as possible. A Customer Relations Manager will investigate the points you have raised and you will receive a reply shortly, but certainly no later than 4 weeks. You will find enclosed a copy of our leaflet, which tells you how we will handle your complaint. Your concerns will be dealt with as quickly as possible, but to help us deal more efficiently with your enquiry, please quote ******** when writing or telephoning the number at the top of this letter. Yours sincerely Francesca Hartley Customer Relations Officer Customer Relations Enc. Personal Customer Complaints - Here's what we'll do They want to wait 4 weeks but i presume i still need to stick to the schedule set out in my repayment of charges letter.
  11. Just posted my "repayment of charges" letter asking for the £472 they have taken. I asked for 6 years of statements but for some reason sent me 16 years going right back to when i opened the account. I'll let you all know what response I get.
  12. Hi joined CAG a few weeks ago. Decided i needed to be in touch with other people dealing with the same problems. Just recieved bank statements from the Halifax, only asked for 6 years but they sent me 16. Total charges for 6 years are £472. Sending of the "repayment of charges letter", lets see how it goes.
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