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  1. Thanks Elsa, yes I have been contactable from the same address since 1998. They are asking for about £4,000. I have asked for copies of bills, records and a original copy of the Liability order. I have received nothing. Do you have any idea how I can demand the documentation or is it better that they don't send it as it would make the likelihood of it being set aside more likely as they have provided insufficient information. The forwarding address ior the student is 3 years out of date but the Council has been forwarded their email address
  2. They are asking for 1998 and 1999, so that's about 12 years. How am i expected to find documentation after all this time. To top it all he said on the phone that they dont have a copy of the liability order order (if one exists) or the original bills either. Maybe beacuse of the cuts the Councils are starting to look deep into their accounts and send out SD will nilly in the hope of getting something. I wouldn't mind if owed anything, but I don't. They said that until they can contact the tenant and serve him for unpaid council tax they won't accept he is liable. I seem to b
  3. It's from the Council directly. I own the house but have rented it out on and off for about 8 years. The SD was their first communication. Not even a letter beforehand. Thanks for moving the thread. No I didn't send £10 I didn't read that bit on Wikipedia. They have acknowledged my request and haven't asked for £10 either. They send no paperwork accompanying SD. I wasn't sure how to request discovery of documents on a SD so I made a request under the Data protection act. Council Tax should have been paid by the benefits office at that time. I have written to Job Cent
  4. Hi everyone, I have had a statutory demand issued for Council tax from 13 years ago. I was on Incapacity benefit at the time and was in receipt of council tax benefit. I have asked the Council under a Data protection request for all paperwork relating to me that they have including copies of Liability order and original bills. It's been 3 weeks and they have not replied. I wrote to them requesting they withdraw the SD but instead they extended it to 15 December. I spoke to them today and he said they have no paperwork only computer entries. I have a few questions and I would be very grat
  5. Hi Guys, I have satisfied a Stat Demand it in full. The solicitor has now informed me that he wants extra 18 days interest. In the Notes for creditor on the Stat Demand it says (4th bullet point) "In either case the amount claimed must be limited to that which has accrued due at the date of the demand" My question is this. Does anyone know if interest still accrues up until actual payment (on a daily basis) or as suggested in the notes for creditor, does interest stop once a Stat demad is issued. i.e if I've paid the amount of the Stat Demand in full within the time
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