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  1. The fire looked crap, unrealistic and the CGI was poor. Phil survived even though the pub exploded and he had half the bar on top of him, the only sad part (if you can call it that) was the music at the end of Friday's Eastenders as Peggy walked off down the street. Eastenders is not even believeable anymore, a bit like Corrie went about 7 years ago. I don't even bother with any of them no more. Bring back Brookside I say.
  2. Technically you owe them £42.50 iirc - Although they are now powerless to collect it or threaten you, as you have paid your liability off in full. The only option for Jacobs is to take you to court for it, if they wish to pursue it legally. As long as the original liability order has now been paid in full, as in you owed the council £400 and you have paid the council £400 (do not count any bailiff charges for this) I would tell them to foxtrot oscar.
  3. Send it to Capquest. They are the ones hounding you.
  4. You may have views to be updated once per hour BF - Saves server load. It's in the control panel of vBulletin, to have them update instantly is a huge server resource.
  5. I would try and negotiate your CRA showing as fully settled and not as partially settled. Tell them that if they write back to you with; 1) Confirmation that the amount is in F&F settlement and will show fully settled 2) The debt will never be sold on or enforced at a later date by them nor anyone else 3) They mark your CRA as Fully Settled and not Partially Settled They have a deal. They should give in, as the temptation to get your money is too great.
  6. I sent him a PM telling him and asking if he could update them.
  7. Cheers DX It's the N1 that I need help with now, I have done all the letters and charges etc Their time ran out today, but I won't be able to issue the N1 until next Wednesday.
  8. Could you let me have the POC's I have given them til next Wednesday to refund all plus 22% and so will need to file then. There is a template that I found, but it doesn't really mention the restitution bit, which is what makes all the difference.
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/member.php?125683-slick132 How did you do the Cap One and get them to cough? I am currently doing mine against them.
  10. I just checked the first one again using the spreadsheet that I would use, it comes to £199.25 against yours of £199.28 so I guess that is pretty spot on. The biggest snag you are going to have mate, is the fact it is over £5k - You really need this in Small Claims court so you won't have to pay costs etc if you lose. Mine came to 4.7k ish so I have room to play. What you could do is; 1) Split your claim, so claim the ones before 6 years old and one for the last 6 years 2) Offer a Without Prejudice refund of say £5k or something I would wait for some more advice on this, as that amount is huge.
  11. I claimed for CI and Stat Interest as well as all charges in my first letter to them. I added the paragraph to my LBA as they had clearly not included them in my initial offer that they gave. What have they offered you, is it all charges within 6 years? If so write back and use that paragraph, they then know what you want, ie all of them. If you first wrote to them asking for the charges back with stat interest but didn't mention the CI then I think you would be best starting over again or mentioning that you are entitled to CI as well. Maybe others could give you a helping hand. I have always added that on initially.
  12. If you try the spreadsheet I linked to and then use the figures from yours and put them into the new spreadsheet like I have done on my image, it should show the 8% interest as well. Then put these figures into the initial request to cap one, that way they know what you are expecting from day 1
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