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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. How do I contact a mod to move the thread? I can't see the option listed anywhere.
  2. My approach to HSBC was far gentler than some I have seen reported and I wondered if I was being too soft. I was claiming for about £900 worth of charges, and added statutory interest to my claim. It took them about ten days to reply with a standard letter advising that they would look into it, and I hadn't heard any more by the 14 days I had given them. I decided not to hassle them and wait to see what would happen, and a few days ago I received a refund offer (excluding the statutory interest). A word of warning though - their letter required me to accept within ten working days of t
  3. Hello - my first time on this forum and looking forward to getting some of my money back. I had a business account with HSBC (bank current a/c and Business Credit Card). Both accounts have been closed as that business is dormant. It was not a limited company, but me 'trading as ..' I had bank charges on both accounts - a) what are the chances of me getting any money back and b) how far back can I go? Looking forward to hearing from someone on this. Many thanks
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