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  1. actually on leafin through a load of stuff hubby has said they did leave something so I do have a name. herbie I have PMed you with it
  2. Hello again I don't have any paperwork at all as I wasn't even at the house when they came - my hubby is american and has no clue of our laws and as the debt was in my name they talked to me on the phone while I was in transit. By the time I got home I had organised the money and just paid them. All I have is a receipt. They unclamped my car and went - I just want to put the whole thing behind me - its been a nightmare but thankfully have come out relatively unscathed - less a job but I can always get another one. Like I said my main reason for posting was to make people aware what utt
  3. Also apologies for the shocking typos my M key sticks and doesnt always work!
  4. Sorry I meant 2005 not 1995. Thanks for all your replies on this - I have found another job which I was very pleased about, however I am absolutely disgusted with the way Drakes acted. The whole "Joke" thing was just a power trip and the guy was very nasty even when I told him on the phone that when I got hoe I would pay the debt in full but was driving so not much I could do til I got there. I didn't see the need to clamp the car as I wasn't even there to be able to drive it!!!
  5. Hi just wanted to tell you of my recent troubles with Drakes Bailiffs. I had an unpaid fine dating back to 1995 which Ihad only just found out about. I was flashed on a GATSO camera for speeding. Unfortunately I had not changed my address on my driving license so did not receive the ticket. I moved again end of last year and also got married - I then sent my driving license off and it cae back with the endorseent of MS90 with a £375 fine & 3 points. I rang DVLA and asked what the hell it was and they said it was "failure to give driver information" they also went on to tell me it
  6. Hi there, sorry it's been a while since posting - major hassles with work and what with xmas etc etc etc!!! Since last posting, I have sent of LBA and rec'd reply saying they would pay me £1000 "In full and final settlement" I sent back a nice thanks but no thanks letter and stated that I would accept in part settlement as my claim is so far £3920 (without 8%compound interest). In the meantime, Barclays have also now withdrawn my overdraft facility with NO notice at all. I called them to enquire why my account was suddenly WAYYYYYYY overdrawn and was met with a snotty chap saying the
  7. Thanks Welshman - means I just need to get the details onto the spreadsheet and send off preliminary request!
  8. OK I have recieved my statements from Barclays now and after ploughing through them I have totalled up unpaids out and paid referrals - Grand total is £3285. Is it just these 2 kinds of charges that I claim for? Don;t want to be greedy as three grand (******* barstewards!!!) is a lot of money. However I do want to claim everything that is owed to me. Very nervous now about the next steps. And advice very much appreciated!!! Thanks Edit due to liberlous comment
  9. I found the spreadsheets here... http://www.cag-files.co.uk/barracad/Spreadsheets/England/Simple-charges-calc.xls Hope they are the ones you were looking for
  10. Well after many weeks of reading the site I have come to the decision of starting a claim!!!! A friend at work has just won a successful claim against her bank and has prompted me to start on mine. I'm sure she and the rest of you will be a great support in this quest. In my rough calculations I reckon I am owed at least 7 Grand (will await my statements with glee and see how near I am!) I am terrified that Barclays will dump me as a customer as I doubt that with my rubbish credit rating I will be able to open an account anywhere else, but there is always hubbys account to fall back on i
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