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  1. Well done. I am near the end but not near enough. Hearing date set for January. What's the FOS? :idea:
  2. Hmmm...interesting. Well you got what you wanted in a way 'cos that's not the standard reply. I wonder if you will get special treatment now or if they're just buying themselves more time? Feeling positive for you - I think it's going to turn out good!
  3. I have about 20 days to go I think - in the meantime I'll be watching your progress with interest!
  4. Hi there, Have received an Acknowledgment of Service signed by Cobbetts, stating that they 'intend to defend all of this claim'. Do I just wait to see what happens next, or should I be doing something else now?
  5. Hi everyone, Thank you for all your advice. Claim now lodged with MCOL. Feeling good apart from the fact that the claim cost me £120 and I have had to put it on my credit card!
  6. Hi there, Starting moneyclaim now, but don't know what to put in 'particulars of claim'. Please help!
  7. 2nd letter received from N.W. today (the reply to my lba). Standard response, as before. Now waiting until the 15th day to start moneyclaim.
  8. The story so far: Oct 2000: opened Nat West joint account July 2006: found out about reclaiming bank charges (excellent timing as account just coming up to 6 years old!) Sept 2006: trawled through statements, finding £965 of charges to date. 04.09.06: sent preliminary letter together with schedule of charges to Nat West registered office at 135 Bishopsgate. 08.09.06: received standard reply saying that all charges were fair and would stand - no refund would be given. 11.09.06: letter before action sent recorded delivery. anticipating court to be the next step - any advice
  9. Yes that is exactly what I meant, but I have now sent the prelim letter without adding any interest and am about to send the letter before action. I'm assuming that they won't respond to that either, so then I will go to court and charge 8% interest as per the spreadsheet.
  10. Hi there, I'm confused about the spreadsheet and interest as well. If interest charges change all the time how does the spreadsheet know how to work it all out? And do you claim interest from the start in the prelim letter, or only if you go to court? I have unearthed £967 of charges over the last 6 years by Nat West.
  11. Hi, I need to find the spreadsheet to start the process too, but can't find it or even a reply to your request? Did anyone reply to you and if so, what spreadsheet did you use? I want to take on Nat West as well. They have charged me £967 in charges over the last 6 years! Also should I claim interest on the £967 and if so, how do you work that out? Sorry, I am dying to start the process but am still a bit confused about the finer details. :?
  12. Hi there, Getting ready to file a claim against Nat West. Have unearthed charges of £967 over the last 6 years. Do I just ask for the £967 in my preliminary letter or should I be calculating interest as well? And just to confirm, I send a prelim together with a schedule of charges to the head office, wait 14 days and then send a LBA? By the way, it's a joint account but we are both signatories - should the letter be from both of us or doesn't it matter?
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