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  1. Thanks for the reply - will follow ur advice. Another question though (sorry) if credit history improves after 6 years and are still paying off debts (even though u can't see them as there old and no longer on history) can I get a re mortgage as need bigger house? Have taken in family member and we're all struggling ?? Any advice appreciated?
  2. oopps didnt mean debt management meant debt collecting agencies - sorry for that!
  3. Sorry for not being very clear lol I just want to make sure I'm not paying debt management companies so need to know how to go about asking them to confirm they have my CCA (I think this is right from reading other posts)? This all came about after I cancelled Experian - they told me my credit debts were finishing this year so would automatically come off my credit report. This has confused me as I'll still be paying them whether you can see them or not -so does my credit get better? Told you I was confused lol cheers JJ
  4. Hi all I seem to have been in debt forever and am still paying for my mistakes via Payplan. However I posted a little while ago and am thinking I have been a fool (gringe). I got into a lot of debt via credit cards, catalogues etc and used to pay a company for paying them for me. I am now with payplan and trying to sort myself out but have never checked out the companies I have been paying (the more obv ones I know) I mean when the DCA get hold of them. I have been relying on payplan to sort it out -now i need help to ensure I am doing ok - so how do I start - advice please............
  5. ok I know that at some time I had letters which we forwarded to payplan asking them to pay a new company etc., - does this mean its a DCA and if so do I have to pay them? also if the bad credit goes off my file, but I still pay them does this mean - on file that is, my credit improves as they are no longer shown there? help ! cheers JJ
  6. Hi Please bear with me if all this has been asked before. I have just spoken to Experian re: cancelling my subcription and they have informed me that debts I have (which are coming to 6 yrs old this year) are due go come off my file, and this will help my credit rating. I am a little confused as I am paying these via payplan each month so 1) does this mean when they are 6 yrs old they come off my file and are no longer owing? 2)how can this be? if it is the case why haven;t payplan told me? I know I made mistakes and have been trying hard to rectify them but this just seems too ea
  7. YIPPEEV I have just got off the phone to the lovely halifax and have agreed £2776 as full and final payment (I wanted £2783.50) and am awaiting their acceptance form in the post to get the funds - I AM SO EXCITED!!!! They won't give me what I want for my other account (£1642.00) they'll only give me £1200 - I DON'T THINK SO!!!!! So told them to I'm refusing it and to wait for my letter taking them to court lol and they also gave me the tel no for the financial ombudsman to help me with my decision - yeh whatever!!!! so fingers crossed its all going well "POWER TO THE
  8. unbelieveble I very bravely phoned them and can you believe you now press no 2 to speak to someone about bank charges - does that say how many are reclaiming or wot lol I spoke to a lovely lady who told me she could increase the sum to £2776 as that what they believe the total charges are! I asked her "then how come I have £4425 - its not a little difference of a missed charge is it" she agree and will get a colleague (shes off tomorrow) to go thro the statement to see where they have got their figure from - FFS - hows running this account? surely they can see if they g
  9. well done for getting this far Mr Incredible - it can be a struggle to sort out without added family/work/personal pressure Hope you get your money and have happier times
  10. thanks for ur reply Noodledoodle! Have found the letter in the rejecting offers library! Have a little query tho - they say if I'm not happy to accept it as full n final settlement to phone them to discuss the matter further - I'M TOO SCARED :o lol I think I'm gonna just leave it to letter - wot do you think?
  11. Hi Chris I'm new to all this too and will try to answer your qs about the DD's I too haven't an overdraft on my account but loads of DD charges but am claiming the interest as I've been advised to myself previously - claim is still ongoing but I'd say "go for it all" good luck
  12. I received an offer from the halifax today for £1634.00 aas a gesture of "goodwill" and without admission of liability in order to resolve my complaint. I'm not happy with it cos I want the total of £4425.00 back for our 2 accounts - what should I do now - refuse it via letter and see what happens or just refuse it and go to court? cheeky blighters - not even half back was offered
  13. I am currently training as a student nurse and am thinking of relocating to another country when i qualify (lack of jobs, better quality of life, fresh start etc.,) but am thinking of carrying on paying my debts etc., but want to know if I sell my house to do this before I leave, how long will I have to wait before I can buy another property in another country? was gonna rent for a while anyway but if we do settle there long term am not sure how long before I can do this. Does anyone else know please??
  14. That I am able to reclaim bounced direct debit charges as well as overdrawn ones? only querying this cos whenever relcaiming charges are mentioned in the media it never says about being able to reclaim the direct debit ones and I have some of those? does anyone know the answer?? cheers
  15. I have a friend who is thinking of emigrating abroad but she's had a crap credit rating in this country - she wants to sell their house and clear their debts etc., but is worried that she won'tbe able to "start a new life" as such or get a mortgage abroad e.g. in australia! Does anyone know about this? cheers Joy
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