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  1. I've just checked my latest VM bill as I noticed it was higher than usual, the reason being I've been charged for a movie I haven't ordered! I called VM to question this & they told me the movie was ordered via the V+ box I have in the bedroom on Christmas Eve & then watched 24 hours later. I insisted the movie hadn't been order & the lady in customer services admitted it was unusual as the previous movie I had ordered was 2 year previous, but all the checks she was making showed it had been watched Christmas Day night, which is a bit strange as I'm pretty sure myself, my wife
  2. I've now had a look at my CRA file the statement balance for Sept is correct & is the balance I paid off, the balance for October shows as being the original plus interest & I'm assuming a late payment fee even though the cheque was sent well before the due date. The puzzling thing is the status history for September & October are shown as being OK, so if I missed or had a late payment surely it would be shown as being in arrears?
  3. Thanks, just signed up, waiting for pin code!
  4. Never accessed it online as you have to give phone contact & I got sick of them phoning at all times of the day & night so I changed my number & refuse to let them have it. How do I access CRA file?
  5. Ok here's the situation, about 2 months ago I finally paid the balance off on my Cap 1 card (sent a cheque 10 days before the due date to the value of the balance of that months statement) I didn't hear anything for 2 months when I received a statement claiming I still own money on the account. I replied explaining the situation & that as far as I am concerned the account is paid off & I want the account closing. I've now had another letter saying they can't close the account as there is still an outstanding balance & it has to be paid by the 30th of November. What
  6. Thanks Mossycat, thats along the lines of my thinking. As far as I am concerned the contract ran out at midnight on the 31/3/10. & as I had not agreed to enter into a new contract end of story!!! I can understand an insurance company wanting proof for a car policy as it is a legal requirement, but is home insurance a legal requirement rather than common sense? I would imagine it's only at the insistance of a mortgage company to protect their interests, but as I don't have a mortgage it does apply!!
  7. I've had my house insured by Swinton for the last 12 months,when it was time for renewal I looked around for a better deal, which I found. I had a couple of calls from them asking me about renewal & told them I had not had anything from them & would probably not be using them, they said they would send the paperwork again. The renewal paperwork arrived after the policy had ended so I ignored it as I had already found another insurer & had gone with them. I then had a letter thanking me for my continued custom even though I gave no authority to start another policy, I call
  8. I've just upgraded my contract, I have 2 numbers on the same account, one's mine & one's my wifes. My wifes number is on Flext 25, I've upgraded mine to Flext 35 from Flext 25. I've just had the notification of my new bill & it's nearly £30 more than I was expecting!! I called the customer service dept & they have told me it's advanced line rental. The annoying thing is when I was in the shop sorting out the deal, I made a point of asking if there were any additional charges apart from the increase in tariff from Flext 25 to 35, to which I was told there wouldn't be!
  9. Sorry I've not been around for a while, but due to work commitments I've not been able to get online! The story so far is, I sent my claim forms in with info only relating to claim. I got a letter back about a week later informing me my claim is being processed & they would be writing to my doctor. Today we get a letter saying they have accepted my claim, but I need to contact my mortgage provider as they need to send some paper work to the insurer so they can finalise the claim & pay the money!!!! I expected it to take a lot longer & not be as straight forward!!!
  10. Evening all, I have a quick question about the claim form I have. One of the questions is as follows: "Have you consulted any other doctor or attended hospital either as an in-patient or as an out patient? If so please give details including name & address & any hospital number if known." Now does the above mean ALL hospital visits or just any relating to my specific claim? Being an ex-Rugby player hospital visits were a common occurance & they've only given me 3 lines to answer in!!
  11. I have an AXA endowment policy with my mortgage that contains Critical Illness cover. I’ve looked on the AXA website to try & find out what illnesses are covered but to no avail. Does anyone have any info regarding this or could you point me in the right direction? Is there a time limit on putting in a claim (I’ve heard 3 years from diagnosis) is this true or does it vary between companies. The reason for my asking is I had a heart attack in December 2005, but only found out I could possibly claim after a conversation with an old friend a couple weeks ago.
  12. Hi All, I'm back!! Unfortunately due to work commitments & I'll health I've not actually been able to do anything with my claim since my last post!!! To get the ball rolling again I'm going to resend my LBA with the original figures. Is this the best way to go or should I recalculate my claim & send that. My preferred option would be to send the original stuff as it would be less hassle. Advice please!!!
  13. Thanks for all the info folks, unfortunately I've already "upgraded" to Internet Security 2007, but I will be looking at alternatives as soon as I can find the time.
  14. Here's a question! In the last latter I got it said if they didn't hear from me within 8 weeks they would consider the matter closed, now due to other commitments I may not be able to file my claim until after the 8 week period is up, so would they just ignore the claim as it was past the deadline or is the deadline something they have made up to suit themselves?
  15. Hi, My subscription to the above has just expired & I have recieved a mesage telling me my system is not protected until I renew my subscription. The problem is, according to the invoice I got when I renewed last year, my subscription does'nt run out till 28/08/07. Has anyone else had a similar problem with Symantec/Norton. I tried e-mailing the address on their website, only to get an error message telling me that the address no longer accepts mail!!!!
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