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  1. so...do you think it might be wise to maybe ask them if they do have said document before i pay this penalty charge? of course this is something of a moot point, as i know beyond doubt that they do not have any such thing. i seem to have misunderstood, i thought you were advocating that i should just pay up and then reclaim? i rather thought i would challenge their legitimacy and tactics as i think their practice is despicable.
  2. wow! seriously? maybe you are right, don't know what i was getting so worked up about. they have every right to badger me until i pay. i should just pay up and be grateful if they leave my credit record alone. do you think i should apologise for all the tedium i have caused them?
  3. hi Consumer dude, i probably should have said that that is where i started. i did try the 'reasonable' route first..littlewoods themselves have so far failed to respond, except to refer me to shop direct, the finance company. shop direct have no other options, i am a dirty defaulter and must pay..
  4. hi MilkTrayMan, thank you for your reply, although i'm not quite sure that i understand you. i have no need to recover this penalty charge, as i shall not be paying it. my gripe is that after many years with this company, with no problems, a clerical error (my fault entirely i'm sure) meant that a payment was late. if i'm honest, i was just about to pay their £12 penalty charge because it was easier to do so, then i started to get telephone calls... ...in fact, as i was typing this, i had another call. i have asked them to limit their contact to written communication, i hav
  5. i'm not sure that this deserves a thread of its own, but there is a sense of 'spiralling out of all reason', that i would like to keep track of. to precis: i have had an account with littlewoods catalogue for many, many years without issue. my standard account with littlewoods catalogue offers me credit of several thousands. i don't take advantage of their offers of even 12 months interst free credit very often, as i can find most of what i want elsewhere on the internet very much cheaper; but still, sometimes, littlewoods has just been the answer. recently, however, i missed a pa
  6. just found this thread and am absolutely gobsmacked by all this! i have a managed loan which has been 're-negotiated' three times now, each time after about 2 yrs had elapsed. i recently made enquiries about paying the whole thing off, just to get it off my back, and was told that i would have to pay off the remainder in its entirety-some 73 more payments! so essentially, because it has been taken out 3 times, i have paid 6 years worth of interest without making a dent in the original sum!!? i shall certainly be sending a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) off and having a very
  7. this morning i sat with an un-opened envelope from the court for at least 20 mins before i got the nerve up to open it! but all it says is 'judgment reserved'. gonna have to hold on to the hope that no news is good news for a while longer.
  8. hi Brownie, good luck with sorting this out. previous posts on this thread, particularly Ozzywizard is pretty much the state of play. possibly your best bet is to contact energywatch: energywatch: Home Page as they are kinda the regulators for the industry. they were certainly helpful when we got in touch. thanks to all for the great advice btw, we are all sorted out now and have a reasonable repayment schedule with powergen direct.
  9. thanks Caro, that was actually very helpful; certainly gave us questions to ask when the mind was otherwise about to go blank! we think it went fairly well. very intimidating-london barrister, an actual courtroom etc. we wont get a decision for 5 days or so as the judge wasn't really expecting them to show, the first case of 'charges' he has actually seen despite the many hundreds that have passed before him. he was very friendly (the judge), quite scrummy in fact (seriously!) and very interested. mr ian brighton was asked to stand in the witness box, tho not sworn in. he was clea
  10. in just 25hrs, it will all be over one way or another! and we have recieved another 'note on behalf of the defendant', dated 8th june! im reasonably sure that this is just to spook us, but could be that the first witness statement is full of personal scathing remarks about us rather than anything legal. the new stuff basically says that as we redeemed both mortgages, we have accepted the charges and may not challenge them...hah! that we dont understand the complex legal issues and 1)shouldnt be allowed to use the courts time in this way 2) were goaded into it by CAG!!!! that their c
  11. a quick update! we recently received a letter from hsbc, dated 31st may, but yet again sent to the wrong address!! felt quite like deja-vu! happily the wrong/old address is that of my OHs parents, terms including a*ses and elbows spring to mind. the letter further compounded the sense of unreality by stating that they were unable to verify the signature, so we had to go into a branch with passport id to confirm the signature as the one they held on their records! did the last 6 months not happen?? however the letter goes on to say that once they have received confirmation, the
  12. well hello (again) everybody Lattie! you are truly one of my fave people. im just girding my loins to have another pop at hsbc, totally beyond 6 yrs this time. for anybody interested, the following was our initial skirmish: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/60335-dg-dirty-tricks.html fairly satisfying, and a steep learning curve...but as they hounded us for 2 yrs, sending 4 different baillifs for £40 that wasnt owed, we feel that we owe them a little bit more attention. we are in the happy position of having a few years (tho not complete) worth of st
  13. thanks for the input guys. think i shall just write them a letter then, thanking them for agreeing to our repaymeny schedule and advising them tht we shall pay by standing order on such and such a date, thanks again
  14. hi all, i wonder if someone knows anything about the 2 year rule (From July 2006 they should no longer seek payment from consumers where they have not billed a customer for two years. From July 2007 this period should reduce to one year). briefly, in december last year we had a call from a DCA (1st credit) to tell my OH he owed money to powergen on a property he moved out of in jan 2004. we queried the amount, sent a S.A.R - (Subject Access Request), and discovered that (through a series of admin mistakes on both sides) he did indeed owe around £400...though why they sent the final
  15. having won against hsbc, even the 3 months worth of charges they claimed statute barred, im ready to start again. im sending a SAR asking for everything prior to sept 2000, or if not, a certificate of destruction signed by their data controller. we do have some statements but missing about 3 yrs worth (ironically the time of the most charges!). i just wondered if anyone had received a certificate of destruction or similar? heres the SAR im going to use, cobbled together from the great minds on this forum...to you my thanks. Dear Sir or Madam, Ref account no. xx-xx-xx xxxxx
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