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  1. just had letter off nationwide they have paid all money owing in full would like to thank al the people how have given me advise on how to get my money back onto barclays now nationwide paid in full 19/10/2006 £2800
  2. welshcarp

    n1 file

    jonni i have tried this but it just comes out in some wierd tex form help needed
  3. welshcarp

    n1 file

    can anybody help with this i have tried to download the pdf file in the template section without success and anybody e-mail it to me all i need in the final chapter of my case
  4. cheers michael thanks for info point taken about thread
  5. welshcarp

    court info

    I have just filed court action against nationwide do i have to send any schedules off with prelim letter and lba action letter as no address was given or do i know what for them to get in touch
  6. I have just filed court action against nationwide can anybody advise where i have to send my schedules and letters to as there was not a address given or do i just what for the court to get in touch
  7. vampiress thanks for the help i downloaded spreadsheet to memory stick opened on computor in work and all the dates came out and interest came out at £475.95 is this the total interest i can charge as i was not charged any interest on my account and the 8% is for the total charges not for each year if i am right i will be starting court action tonight thanks to you
  8. its nice to see dedication to a good cause not alot of it about these days
  9. vampiress have they altered the spreadsheet lately as the spreadsheet i have used is different to ones on here i have the one with a the writing on the left and you side shift the screen and put all you bank account details at top and then fil out the charges below this hope this is not getting to u
  10. sorry dolly my mistake i wish i was claiming that put in a 0 where it shoud noy have been
  11. vampiress the spreadsheet i have used is the complex bank charges i believe it is from this web site
  12. i have just filed out the spreadsheet ready for court the tota charges came out at £2303.50 when this was entered on the p column the 8% interest was all over the shop they ranged from 10.88 to over £200 the total with the interest was over £9000 this is surelly incorect :confused:
  13. just filled out complex schedule ready for court when i have put charges into column the total charges of £2303.50 came out which worked out what i had already worked it out at but when the interest was worked out by the formula came to £ 9359.45 is this right i am claiming for 5 years charges
  14. I think i might be missing somthing here but can you help i have filled out the schedule on here for court claim but cannot seem to work out interest have followed steps have put in date, discription of charges and amout of charges but nothing shows in the interest column also on money caim site what do i need to put in the particuars of claim section looked at template on here is it the middle section i need to fill out
  15. I am about to take court action after sending preim letter and l.b.a in the money caim site the section which ask you to put in the particulars of the claim can anybody verify what needs to be put in here
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