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  1. OK, lol. getting there. Not sure how i word my POC for interest at 24.9%. I have looked at the templates but they refer to the judicial rate of 8%. Can someone who has claimed contractual interest rate via MCOL please post the POC used. Many thanks
  2. How do I find out what the contractual interest rate is/was? Also, what is contracual Interest?
  3. Hi All, I got my statement back from welcome today and would like a bit advice please: I know I can claim back for DD fees and ERC which actually is stated on the statement as a penalty, but, there is a disbursal fee of £1005.00 when I took out the loan (£7000), there was also medicare insurance of £500 that I wasn't aware of. Breakdown: Disbursal fee: £1005 Insurance Premiums Advanced: £500 Penalty Fee: £301.98 (Does not state what this is for, but it was applied when the loan was paid of early, so i assume it's ERC) I wasn't aware of the Disbursal Fee ot the Insuran
  4. You'll get a letter from the court at each stage of the claim, I thin I rec'd about 5 in total. As I said, LTSB Solicitors sent claim direct to me but even then I think I only rec'd 2 letters from them. Def try and get your sister to help you out. It is only an address for correspondence to be served, nothing more.
  5. Usual conditions as seen on here before, nothing new.
  6. I issued my claim via MCOL, it was then allocated to London & Mayors court when LTSB stated they wanted to defend. Then I rec'd my Allocation Questionnaire, and requested that the case be transferred from London to Carlisle, which was subsequently granted. The main reason for this is that I live in Edinburgh, I was claiming via the English court’s as the Small Claims limit in England & Wales is £5000, as opposed to £750 in Scotland. So it would have been much easier and cheaper for me to travel to Carlisle than London, although it was a bonus that LTSB solicitor’s SCM are based in Sout
  7. Hi Lola, I hired an address from mail boxes etc in Preston (http://www.mbe.uk.com/091/), i found this to be the ''most normal'' address, lol. Anyway, it cost me £60 for 3 months, plus a £20 deposit, deposit is used for cost of forwarding any mail onto your home address, £2.50 a time, but your not going to get that many letters anyway. Actually LTSB Solicitors sent all letters to my home address, it was only the court stuff that went via hired address. You can put a couple of names on the same address, so if you know anyone else wanting to do this then you could split the cost. Remember though,
  8. oh, donation will be on its way when i get paid out
  9. Thanks BARTY, I have to say this is a pleasant surprise, didn't expect anything until 2007. I suspect now that SCM are issuing full conditional offers when the judge has made a decision on the AQ. I only rec'd notification from court last week that small claims hearing was scheduled for 12/04/07. And SCM offer letter actually dated 07/12/06. My advice to anyone starting a claim: I know it is very tempting to start your claim straight after reading a couple of threads, but please take your time. I read hundreds of threads and read the faqs over a couple of weeks before wri
  10. OK, lol, just to clarify. My understanding is this: My claim is for £930, interest to this date is approx £931, calculated at 24.9% APR (I have the spreedsheet). Total claim £1,861. Now, when I submit MCOL, I claim for total amount of £1,861 + s69 judicial interest @ 8% on £1,861 from date of service to date of settlement. Hope I have it right, please correct me if not.
  11. Oops, forgot to post the link for my claim: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/35733-ehstevie-lloyds-tsb.html [/url]
  12. Hi folks, just thought I'd let you all know that I claimed against LTSB via Moneyclaim Online in England for total amount of £4700. I have just rec'd offer of full settlement today. I live in Edinburgh and thought I'd claim through the English courts as the small claim limit there is £5000. Claiming a number of times (£750 a time) through the Scottish courts didn't appeal to me. I hired an English address for correspondence (mail boxes etc) but still put my home address on the claim form, you can do this as long and you put your English address in the correspondence address section. It i
  13. Well well well! ##### I WON ##### Just rec'd offer of full settlement with conditions from SCM in post this morning. There are conditions but due to finances, sum involved and timing (sure SCM are aware xmas is just round the corner, although they probably don't celebrate, and playing on his) I have no option but to accept. This is such a surprise as my court date is April 07. Anyway, settlement is for full cliam, plus interest, plus costs: £4700 ish. MODS: Can you please transfer this thread to successes and update the litigation in progress, Claim No: 6QZ68119. Tha
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