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  1. I'm an exiled Bristolian, so the pier was a favourite place to visit as my elderly great aunts lived in Weston. I hope it can be rebuilt. I used to enjoy scaring myself looking at the sea through the spaces in the floor! I liked the donkey rides in Weston too! DDD.
  2. It was the end of the policy, and they sent me the papers for a further year. I found a far cheaper policy elsewhere. Because I paid by direct debit they seemed to think they could hold me to ransome! DDD.
  3. Hello Perseus I have had the policy since 2004 and paid by direct debit. The renewal date was April 24th. I sent back the papers saying I did not want to renew (and cancelled the direct debit). I did not make a note of the date I sent it back to them. I think it is outrageous that they can try to do this. Surely this is a case for the Insurance Ombudsman and the OFT? DDD.
  4. I have just changed my policy and foolishly did not read all the small print on the back. Saga (yes, I'm a grandma!) want to charge me £138.82 for cancelling a policy. I had assumed that any contract I had with them was for the existing policy until it expired, and that unless I chose to renew it there could be no further contract. Their attitude seems to imply that they have the right to assume that I will always choose to renew with them, rather than check out other options. I would like to know the Financial Ombudsman's opinion and also the OFT. DDD.
  5. Thanks, Doo, and all the best with your claim. The laptop is already ordered online and should be here tomorrow! I still can't quite believe it. DDD.
  6. They have paid me the whole lot at 34.9%!! I have just had a letter telling me that it is being paid into my account. It will be on my May 1st statement. I want to buy a new laptop using the card so I don't mind about it going into my account rather than a payment by cheque. I will do the survey and send a donation as soon as I have it confirmed that the money is there. Thanks to everyone here for encouragement and support. DDD.
  7. I have a bit of a balance, but it's quite a bit less than I am hoping to get back from them. DDD.
  8. Will they pay it into my bank account or send me a cheque? It's not quite the same as the obsessive checking of my account when I was waiting for Nationwide to pay up, although I keep looking just in case! I have just seen the optician and ordered some new glasses, and as I am a little old lady need varifocals which cost an arm and a leg. Some extra money would come in quite handy. DDD.
  9. Would you really want to live there? It would be nice to have a bit more, but that degree of conspicuous consumption just isn't my style. DDD. (Poor but fairly happy).
  10. The Notice of Issue has arrived, deemed served on April 7, and they have until April 23 to reply. I wonder how long it will take them? Happy easter, everyone, by the way! DDD.
  11. Helps to make good compost, though! DDD.
  12. It depends on lots of things. The Co-operative Bank's ethical stance is very attractive and has lots to commend it IMHO. DDD.
  13. I have today received a letter with details of changes to my account. Transferring a balance from other credit or store cards will incur a one off fee of 3% of the amount transferred. From June 1, 2007, there will be FREE PPI for 100 days after purchase. There are also to be changes to the presentation of my credit agreement, which they claim are to improve their service and, almost incidentally!, in response to changes in the law. From June 1, for purchases, balance transfers and cash withdrawals there is an effective rate of 35.60%. Interest is calculated at Base Rate plus the applicable margin, divided by 265 or 366, and multilplied by the total of the daily outstanding balance in the statement period. There is loads more, but it on a bigger than A4 sheet and tiny print on both sides. It takes the expression 'small print' to the extreme! DDD.
  14. Another letter with the offer of £192 from Mr Udy, and he claims this is his final offer. We shall see!! DDD.
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