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  1. about to do my money claim ,does anybody have anything further to add about their letter? do they know something i dont?
  2. i sent my second letter to lloyds, got a bizzare one sentance reply of, 'thanks but we have nothing further to say from our last letter' is that normal or do they know something i dont?
  3. i posted off letters to 4 institutions, 2 credit cards and 2 banks who i figured owed me. 3 of the 4 have paid up before having to file a cliaim GUESS THE ODD ONE OUT anyway, i did my lloyds letter a little later as its them i really HATE. i wrote my first letter, they wrote me back with the usual bol***ks but 2 wekks after the first, i was a bit late sending the second. they have now written to me again assuming the matter closed am i ok to send my second letter (its about 19 days and was a job for this weekend) ir do i have to start again? cheers TBFTCH
  4. first letter asking for 1600 sent today
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