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  1. Ill try and keep this short and to the point.Iv got two bank accounts with the halifax a joint account which is seldom used and has no income payed into it and a current account which is used daily. On the 18 Feb I wrote a cheque using what I thought was my current account cheque book,it wasnt Id picked up the joint account by accident.The retailer asked for my cheque guarentee card and I gave him my current account details,so the detail on the frount of the cheque didnt match the details on the back.They were from two different accounts. Anyway the cheque was cashed and I recieved a
  2. I,v won,gave the Halifax a ring and settled my claim over the phone. Paperworks in the post should have the money in the next 14 day. Just my partners to sort now LBA posted today by recordered delivery lets see if we can rap this one up just as quick.
  3. Just spoke to a lady in customer relation,she was very nice. They have made me an offer of £540 my claim against them is for £920,sh told me to wait for the letter then contact the person dealing with my claim direct to negotiate. So things are moving in the rite direction,lets hope I can increase there offer when I phone. Has anybody phoned and had there offer increased,how much did they increase it by?To be honest it would be nice to get this sorted before I have to file at the small claims court.
  4. Just missed a phone call this morning off the Halifax,never left a contact number or said what it was regarding.But did say they would contact me by letter.Do you think this might be an offer? Tempted to give them a ring and see what they say.
  5. Phoned Halifax,lad I spoke to told me there was nothing on my complaint regarding my LBA letter posted on march 8th.He did tell me that there was a file dated the 13th but he didnt have access to it. Will post list of charges asap and phone Halifax again the day before I begin my small claims procedure.
  6. Quick question,when I posted my LBA I never included a list of charges,should I forward a copy with a cover letter asap.Reading through the forum some people do and some don't. Still no reply to my LBA posted on March 8th or to my partners prelim letter posted on March 5th,looks like the Halifax have taken to ignoring peoles letters. Might give them a call today to see if they've recieved them.
  7. Just a quick update.My LBA was posted on March 8th by recordered delivery as yet no reply. I'v also started a claim for my husband,I posted off his prelim on March the 5th but as yet haven't had any reply,but going to stick to the time table. Going to swot up on the small claim court,good luck everybody!
  8. Good Luck! I'v got to sent my LBA off tomorrow,lets hope I get a quicky response. Dont forget to let us all know what they said on the phone.
  9. Hi all first post,Recieved my statements before christmas after a call to halifax had to wait a month before I recieved them. Anyway sent my prelim letter on 22 Feb,recieved a letter this morning dated 23 Feb.Letter contained usual rubbish "Sorry your unhappy with charges debited from your account,we'll investigate and repond fully within the next 4 weeks." When do I post my LBA,do I give them 14 working days excluding weekends? Many thanx to everybody involved.
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