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  1. Yep, completely agree. I guess the key is what Explorer is happy with at the end of the day. That said, there's absolutely no doubt that the NatWest interest charged on the panalties can be recovered. Natwest will roll over. Agree too that it's less clear-cut on contractual interest. I'm trying to decide myself at the mo whether to go for it. (Contractual in my case is >£10k)
  2. Hang on a minute, Hedgey. I may be misunderstanding things here, but as I read it Explorer is simply being offered a refund of the charges themselves. He has every right to also require a refund of any interest that he has been charged on those penalties. He doesn't have to accept a refund simply because it refunds the principle. The interest has been charged unlawfully too. That can be recovered as well if explorer wants to.....Or am I missing something here?
  3. I've now used the MCOL route to recover 5 lots of charges and each time I've thought how easy this process is. Can you imagine the whole anti-bank charges movement even existing without this online facility? The next time you listen to some moaning minnie down the pub telling you how 'Britain is going to the dogs', perhaps you could remind them of how this public sector driven tool has enabled Joe Public to fight some of the most powerful financial institutions in the world on a level playing field - and win! They even refunded my fee when I [edit] up my claim! God bless 'em I s
  4. Thanks for that, Mike. I've spent the last few hours cursing Natwest. I sold a business in a hurry a couple of years ago, the reason being shortage of funds. Now if I'd not had these [edit] [edit]my money things may have been different..........
  5. Hi All, Just finished my spreadsheet for my personal account and I'm looking at the total in some suprise. It's over 12k after interest is added. I've had success in all of my other reclaim fights, but this will be the first that I can't use the Small Claims/MCOL track. I've completed the request for refund which I'm sending off in the normal way and will issue the letter before action too. However I can't find any instructions re the County Court route for the bigger claims. Can anyone point me to the right thread please. Wish me luck......
  6. That's it. Under the law they are only entitled to recover actual costs arising out of the breach. They are not allowed to'fine' people for the breach. They therefore have to show either that their actual costs do come to £30 (or whatever), show what their real costs are and refund the difference...or do neither and refund the lot. At the moment the OFT seem to be handing them a bit of cover to hide behind by suggesting that anything over £12 is excessive. BUT that doesn't take precidence over the law, even if the banks try to hide behind it.
  7. What gets my goat in all of this is the role of the OFT. I know they haven't declared their hand yet, that they don't have any juristiction in law etc etc, BUT what they do is help create the atmosphere that intimidates the general public into feeling too unsure of their ground to take these bullies on, even if it means getting thousands of their own money back. Their true position should be to ensure that banks conduct themselves in a fair manner. Instead too often they sound like the banks have a hand up their back and are working them from offstage!
  8. Interestingly my claim against Amex (in the past one of the more amenable companies apparently) has met with the £12 cap argument. Naturally I'll MCOL it and get the rest back, but it does show that the banks will all attempt to hide behind whatever tripe they can given the chance. The OFT 'cap' allows them a chance to try a part settlement, in the confident expectation that claimants will break down with tears of gratitude for having got anything out of them. What [edit] me off is that the tone of MSE site is such that they almost seem to encourage this. Different here though - this
  9. Sickofbanks

    jmg vs Amex

    Interestingly my experience with Amex, while better than the others I've claimed off (successfully) is not quite as positive. I've paid off the balances and closed both of my cards with them, but claimed an amount in excess of a grand for charges raised. Their response has been to quote their actions respect of current customers - reducing their charges to the OFT recommended amount, and have refunded me the difference, plus some interest - less than half what they actaully owe me. I've pointed out that what they arrange to charge customers in the future is irrelevant to me as my a
  10. Couple of thoughts based on how things panned out for me. Has the period set by the court (detailed in the letter they sent you) expired? If so it may be worth giving IF a call 'just to check that they are aware of the deadline and to confirm that they intend to dispute the claim'. Then you can issue the warrant. My bet, unless they have changed their policy, is that they have simply made a mistake. To answer your question loads and loads of people have issued warrants. It's just the next stage in the process
  11. If they run true to form you should be getting some cash in your account in the next day or two. Halifax seem to run every deadline down to the wire then cave in at the last possible moment. (They did that with me earlier this week, when they paid at the last minute).
  12. Hi I was repaid my full amount by IF today and they did the same as with you - acknowledged the claim on the last possible day - sadly they also waited till the bitter end before settling. But settle they did. In full.
  13. Can a mod please change the title and move this thread to the successes folder please. Thanks
  14. Big day today.......All of the money reclaimed from IF reappeared in my bank account this morning (>£2,600). Which was nice........ For all those contemplating trying this out, it really isn't difficult. My experience was that the only real pressure in the process came from me alone when I started anticipating getting the money. The thing that adds to the pressure is that we expect these things to be quick. It won't be. Set the process running and make yourself diary notes. Then forget about it in the interim. My process was, I reckon, about as long as it is possible to make
  15. Question for those in the know........ I've submitted my MCOL stuff and had the Notice of Issue back. However Hbos (trading as IF) have not communicated anything to anybody. No acknowledgement..... dispute....nothing. The deadline for a reply is only a few days away. I know that if they do nothing then I ask the court to enter judgement, BUT my question to anyone who's had this experience is this. What's the quickest most pragmatic means of getting the money into my account? Contact Halifax and suggest they get their act together or go through the court? I have read elsewhere in her
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