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  1. That's really helpful Hek. Just trying to get bundle done now. What a palava! Cheers:-) Katie
  2. Hi there everyone, Thanks for all your help. I think I will try to get my court bundle ready now, or as much of it as possible anyway. Just one slight hitch or possibly a major hitch. I have managed to send off the allocation questionnaire without taking a copy of it. So I have no AQ to put in my bundle. Oops! Is this going to be a massive problem?
  3. Thanks for the responses. They have sent me 'Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing)' 'Judge has considered the statements of case and allocation questionnaires filed and allocated to the small claims track. The hearing of the claim will take place on ... at ... and should take no longer than 2 hours. The court must be informed immediately if the case is settled by agreement before the hearing date. Each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents (including any experts' report) on which he intends to rely at the hea
  4. Hi there, I have just received the notice for my allocation hearing, which will take place on 10th April. The letter states that I will need to provide my court bundle two weeks before the hearing, which seems normal judging by all the threads I have just been looking through. I was just wondering what experiences people have had at this stage. Is it best to get the court bundle out ASAP? Could this speed up a settlement? If so, this sounds tempting. However, equally I am going through a very very busy few weeks and am then on holiday until 14th Feb. I will then have more time on my
  5. Thanks so much for your swift response. I have kept using HSBC Bank address because that seems to be the only address to communicate through. Thanks for your help.
  6. Hello - can anyone help? I am new to the threads for HSBC but have been reading the posts for a while now. I am in the process of completing my MCOL claim, as I have not heard a thing from HSBC (which seems perfectly normal). I am just wondering whether I use the same address for HSBC Mastercard as I would for HSBC Bank, i.e. the Canada Square. Do I use the name 'Mastercard' anywhere in the process? Also, I don't have a sort code for my Mastercard?! Just thinking that this might be a bit odd? Sorry - feeling tired and stupid today!
  7. Thanks for that. I think I might give them another chance with a prelim and LBA to the other address then. Sorry jody if I have hijacked your thread - I'm not sure whether I have or not - I keep getting confused!
  8. Hi there, I am pleased to see that this is not unusual. I have written to HSBC regarding my Mastercard - prelim and LBA and had absolutely no response at all. I am still writing to this address: The Manager, Service Quality Team, HSBC Bank plc, Arlington Business Centre, Millshaw Park Lane, Leeds, LS11 0PP I hope that's ok. Do you think its best to continue with MCOL when the deadline is over, or should I have written to a different address?
  9. i'm no mathmatician mike and my husband would definitely tell you not to take my sums as read!!! but i am claiming for £715 and the interest works out to be £140 roughly someone else's thread i read was claiming for £4000 and the interest was around £800 so give or take how many claims we have made early in the 6 years or more recently that probably sounds fair if you've used the spreadsheet it should be right - i have just let it do the sums and assumed it's right! I hope so!
  10. Hi there Boxxer, If you go to the main forum page for this website and look at the 'Bank Templates Library' - go to no. 5 'MCOL Particulars of Claim' gives you the basic template for the bulk of your MCOL claim - just adapt it to suit your needs. With respect to the 8% interest charges - you will find the spreadsheets to calculate the interest on the same page - no. 6. Hope this helps. It's probably best to follow these links rather than copying my text just in case I made mistakes in adapting the text to suit my needs! Best of luck
  11. Thanks sandbag, I will start preparing my bundle soon and look forward to what ensues. Thanks for the links.
  12. Hi there, You can indeed use one DPA letter if both the accounts you hold are with the same bank. Simply write to your bank, and quote both account numbers. I did this with Barclays and they sent the statements from each accounts back in separate envelopes. Just remember to always quote both accounts on all your future correspondence! Good luck with your quest:) Afraid I can't help you with the Registry Trust info - never heard of it. Sorry!
  13. Thanks for the encouragement Sandbag. This is all a bit scary!:o I will just wait now before I hear a response from MCOL about the court dates. I have also just read your thread and it is very reassuring to know that you have recently been through all of this with Barclays. From your experiences do you think I should start preparing a court bundle now and did you just use the example court bundle in the library? Did you have to add much information to it? Good luck in getting your huge refund back too! That could be an amazing holiday!!!
  14. Thanks so much for your swift response - and addresses too! Much appreciation for the clarification and I'm glad that it is not too confusing considering I am nearly at the end of my very large drink now!!!
  15. Now having a very large alcoholic beverage because I have just filed my court claim using MCOL! Terrifying! I have carefully followed all the instructions on Moneyclaim and using this site (I hope...) but am starting to feel anxious as I don't understand where I could have attached a copy of my schedule of charges to this online claim. Have I missed something or do I not need to attach it? Also am I now supposed to send a letter to the bank with another copy of the schedule of charges with 8% interest? I can't find a template in the library. Has anyone already written a similar lette
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