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  1. Sent them the LBA and they offered me a full refund!. do you think I should just take the credit offer then?
  2. Can sombody help me?. I have won against FD. But they are refusing to give me cash. They want it paid into the credit card account. I have sent them two letters saying I want a cheque (or at least put into my bank account) and they are not budging. Can somedody help with a letter that they cant say no to?. Its not a huge amount of money (under £300) but still I have paid the interest on it about twice over now and if they refund it to my credit card it will just get eaten up again!. many many thanks
  3. really?. Will that work?. Do ypu think I should mentionthe fact that other banks/credit cards have sent cheques?.
  4. Hi all, Won really easy against HSBC but they are refusing to put the money into my current account. They want to put it in my credit card account. Can anyone help with a letter?. Ta very much!
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