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  1. Marmais30 Are you saying I cant legally charge Fees? Although I understand, I dont necessarily agree with your point about the landlord has a right to minimise losses because his right to profit doesnt supercede my right to peaceful enjoyment. That is part of the risk of being a landlord and this is more then catered for in the rent I pay. When you say trouble getting your deposit back, have you any ideas of what they can do to take my deposit? My understanding is that they can only take deposit for damage and as my deposit is with the protection scheme should they try t
  2. Assisted Blonde I am not being unreasonable and exercising my legal right to peaceful enjoyment. Plus I will be working from home during this period so I do not want to be disturbed. Is not unreasonable to charge someone £120 to conduct reference checks that cost £5? Is not unreasonable to charge someone £80 to renew a contract?
  3. Hello All I have recently put my notice in on my flat. I am aware of my rights for peaceful enjoyment etc and have informed the estate agents I will not accept any viewings whilst I remain in occupation. However they keep on asking whether there is a work around as they see it as me being unreasonable etc. My landlord has increased the rent on the property twice since I have been here and I have paid an abundance of fees to the estate agents for contractual renewals, reference checks, check ins and check outs etc. Now I think it is my turn to turn the tables on the estate agent
  4. they say i have to hand my notice in because i cant do the shifts im being offered. iam not part of a union and i have tried solicitors but most are asking for rediculous amounts up front (which i cant afford) or are not willing to take it on.
  5. I worked for one of the major banks full time for two years before deciding to return to full time education (university) they agreed a term time contract for which i had to complete a certain number of hours over the year for which was good for both parties as it would be during there busiest periods in the summer time and i would need minimal recap training (3 days as opposed to 8 weeks new starter) i completed my first year on the termtime contract and after a bit of tooing and throwing via the good old greivance procedure the decided to continue me on the same conditions issueing me a n
  6. iam in same situation djlewis22 but halifax are a pain in the a*se when it comes to data protection requests i have been waiting 2 months and they have only just agreed to send it out because i threatened court action let me know how youre getting on
  7. halifax can send youre info for free if you call them and just ask for the charges and nothing else they have done that for me
  8. anybody have any idea and on howlong you should say it takes to write a letter for the claim stage to the courts
  9. spoke to halifax today on phone and a they have agreed to send out information on charges for free but i would have to pay £10 for all my other infrmation
  10. 4 more days until court action against halifax as i have still not heard anything from them any ideas on how to push them so i dont have to go to court just to get them to send my dpa info
  11. how do i make a county court claim and i read someone had filled out an n244 and that made the bank give the info
  12. i sent a letter to halifax on the 1st of september 06 requesting data protection info they replied on the 2nd of october saying they will send the info out under a seperate cover and i have heard nothing since what should i do because i dont know how much they have charged me other the 8 years of banking. i have phoned them twice but nobody knows nothing and they keep saying they will get someone to call back and dont im at a loss. help
  13. hi i sent a letter 2 months ago to both halifax and capital one and neither of them have replied with my data protection information and iam due to send another letter to them both any advice on what to do? rbs i work for the royal bank of scotland and they are using my employment as a tool to making me pay the charges saying 'it would not look good on your employment if you were to argue agianst these charges' what should i do there?
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