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  1. Thanks Barty, i think, i have phoned [problem] (great name btw) today and they have said it will take upto two weeks to credit my account which is incidently just after the deadline for AQ. I think i will complete my AQ anyway and advise them i am doing so. Am i allowed to timescale the payment back in to my account? I was thinking of signing a letter accepting the money as full and final settlement but stating that the court would be told nothing until the money has been paid into my account!!
  2. Hi ODC, you have to remember i owe them nothing, they made a mistake in contacting me in the first place. They have come up with alsorts of excuses why it happened but havent apologised in a manner i consider properly. If the shoe were on the other foot there would be hell to pay. The FOS threat should hopefully have them realise that i can and will not be fobbed off. The chamber events i attend as part of my work are fantastic as they are also attended by other professionals in the target area for Robinson Way and most are decision makers. I am undoing all their marketing as we speak by
  3. Well am i right in saying that the mentioning of this at the NW chamber of commerce network events is the best way to give these morons a taste of their own as they obviously dont take complaints seriously enough. The events are attended by business leaders from the northwest, who lets face it, will probably use some sort of debt collection agent at some point in their dealings. There is also the idea of inviting RW to one of the events and then starting the assasination of them as an organisation and seeing if their delegate dare speak!! I feel i should also make clear, this debt is not min
  4. On behalf of a friend this one. I helped him with the letters as per this site and the filing online with MCOL against LloydsTSB and as usual they have entered a defence (no sign of it as yet but we can allow a day or so for the postal strike action). Lloyds TSB has added extra charges since the claim was filed, do we add the amount of extra charges to the claim in court or do we file again? I am aware the we should get contact from SC&M very soon to talk about settling so do i tell them to settle the lot? Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS also apparently we are blessed with
  5. Some idiot from the debt arm of LondonScottish rang my house looking for someone else a couple of weeks back and when i said i dont know the person they called me a liar. At the time i was on shifts so i wasnt really thinking and told them i was ending the call. A few hours later i got a call from another person from the same company asking for this bloke i have never met. I was awake this time and tore into them explaining that calls to my number were not welcome and should cease immediately. Once the call had finished i went onto the website to lodge a complaint about how i was spoken to
  6. Hi all, just to follow on from Dayglo's post, I think you can take great comfort away with you in having put the case forward in such a way that there was no clear winners at any time until the judgement was given. Bless, the poor lady from Vodaphone was terrified for much of the hearing and there were a number of moments that the lawyer for Vodaphone was struggling to make (or find) his point! I'd have also taken great pleasure in being the one with the 'big files' that had all the relevant documentation. In fact the judge made a point of thanking Dayglo for the helpful wa
  7. Just returned from a trip to China [if thats not the best excuse for being away from a PC I don't know what is!!!!]. I guess it must be N1 time now then? I think theres a link to the N1 download in the templates somewhere, so you can simply cut and paste (and ammend of course). T^hat's probably the simplest route if you have the access.....
  8. It couldn't have been me at the door, I was following the path of spiritual enlightenment most of the way around the world at the time!! Besides, when the time is right, Willow will show me the way.............. Aardyxxxxx
  9. Sorry, just read the above post properly, mistook tezvipers post as from you Sarah!!!! Good luck and I hope it won't be long now....
  10. How long have they got to get their AQ in to the courts? Is it judgement time yet?
  11. We need to think about the ring soon Willow my love, and of course the jewelry to go with it. I was thinking of something like this for the bridesmaids...... But for you, perhaps more like this? and some....... I can give you more than BF...........just ask any of my ex-wives. Tell me you'll be mine..... ps was it the Doobie-brothers version or the Michael McDonald version you were thinking of? It could be our wedding song!
  12. Go to court! Seriously though, was the Woolwich at LBA stage when then sent that letter? Whatever stage they were at, they have put their cards on the table and there would be no need to wait another minute before submitting at court (IMO) after that letter. Good luck Stigger,
  13. I see writing like that every week after we've been out playing pool.......
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