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  1. Interested in how you get on here....My partner is in EXACTLY the same position with A&L/ Santander...
  2. Thanks. So, just to be clear, do I have to actually make the complaint before the 29th or is the fact i'm enquiring enough? The reason I ask is that some websites seem to have a "make a complaint" option and others just have a "find out if you had PPI" option. ps, I seem to remember you from waayyyyyy back??
  3. Hi Everyone. With the deadline for claiming PPI coming up I thought I better make one last attempt. Couple of quick questions though.. 1. I tried claiming with RBS about 5 years ago and they rejected my claim. Is there any point trying again? 2. I was going to use a company as I'm getting bombarded with "last chance" emails, but I probably don't want to do that as I've always done my own thing. That said, if I make my "Find out if you had PPI" enquiry online, does that mean I'm in before the deadline, or do I actually have to make a complain
  4. I've been sent the data, having sent a SAR to BoS. This credit card ran from 1993 to 2003. There's about £800 worth of PPI payments on there, but when I put the transactions into the calculator at 24.9% contractual rate, the claim figure comes out at over £15000..... That seems excessive and I'm just wondering if I've put the wrong figure in or if anyone else has had success with a claim this size. Here's the big question.... Is 24.9% the right figure? I'm told it was but have no proof, and there's no interest figures on the monthly statements. Does anyone know if this
  5. Now going to approach Bank of Scotland re their classic visa ppi. Does anyone know the contractual rate of interest for this?.... Nothing on the statements. I know Barclays was 24.9% Many thanks
  6. Thanks IMS21, your and the other help is most appreciated. Yes, I was here in the early(ish) days and helped quite a few people successfully claim back charges. I'm now really grateful for the advice I'm being given and this kind of information cooperative is a godsend. I've amended the draft letter and FOS questionnaire to complain on the grounds of his job being government (NHS) and the fact he would have had full pay for 6 months and then half pay, as well as the fact that the costs/ benefits of a policy were never explained. It was just kind of added on. I've included 8% compo
  7. Thanks IMS21, that's a constructive and helpful answer. Basically my neighbour paid their account off most months, occasionally only a portion thereof depending on what the Barclaycard was used for. They never got into trouble and made regular payments. The account is still open, but hasn't been used in about a year. They wouldn't have taken out the policy as they were employed (and still are) by the NHS and would have got 6 months full pay in the event of sickness, no chance of redundancy and they had (back then anyway) some savings they could call on if necessary. Admittedly
  8. I know about charges. I claimed mine back before the door was closed and it is for this reason that my neighbour ask me to help with their PPI claim. The grounds for the claim are simply that they did not need, would never have needed, never made a claim and basically didn't question anything and can't even remember this being an option. They are not well off and its only because of the publicity surrounding this that they have thought "that's me to". So IMHO, they have valid grounds to make a claim. My only concern was that as they had asked me to help deal with this, I want to try an
  9. Thanks for that, it's only PPI, not penalty charges, so I've just stuck with the 8% at the moment. I would be happy to get that (if the interest rate was higher I'm sure they'll come back and tell me I've underestimated the interest lol) I've now put everything together and get it off in the post today..... will be interesting to see whether they simply roll over or if they put up a fight and deny/ deflect. Will keep everyone posted, and thanks again for the help.
  10. OK, I've got the FOS form filled in as far as possible. Is there a covering letter I should include with the form (and spreadsheet) when submitting the claim? Also, the interest rates listed on the statements vary almost on a monthly basis. They range between 1 - 3%. This seems very low to me as I remember my own credit cards used to be around 18%APR. Don't suppose anyone knows what rate I should be using for the interest calculator? Thanks for any help, just want to get this right as my neighbour hasn't had the best of luck recentl
  11. I've been asked to sort out a claim for the refund of PPI charges on 2 Barclays accounts (1 x Barclaycard and 1 x catalogue). I sent in the SAR and yesterday received all the account history etc. I've gone through it all and identified all the PPI payments and used the 8% compound interest calculator to come up with a figure which I want to chase Barclays for. My question is this. 1. Is there a template for saying "here's how much you owe me, please send a lovely cheque" and 2. What's Barclays normal tactics (if any) for delaying/ deferring or tr
  12. OK, update........SAR sent to Creation finance in Belfast. Questionaires completed for Welcome finance (being done through Aviva), and NRAM (possible mortgage and secured loan)RBS - old mortgage (contact made by phone) and RBS Credit card (contact made by phone). Cant think of anyone else I've borrowed off, so I'm just trying my luck with anyone that I have.Interestingly.........This morning, i received a letter from RBS telling me that "they have recently identified that we have incorrectly applied unarranged overdraft fees and debit interest to your account"...... The upshot is that they are
  13. Cheers ims, was kind of thinking that myself..... I reckon I'll just wait and see how this plays out. If I'm lucky I might not need to go down the SAR route, but, if they accept the claim, it will be really interesting to see how much they offer. At the moment, it's a bit like going fishing!All good fun.As with the old bank charges, I'll use this thread as a kind of diary which will hopefully help others as well.
  14. Ok, so I got the questionaire through from Aviva, along with one for the fos. At first I thought.. 11 pages???, but it was fairly quick and easy to complete. I still have no idea how much PPI I paid on ththis loan as it's old, but I am right that I was mis-sold this as I can remember the bloke telling me that I probably wouldn't get the loan without it.I cant even remember how much this loan was for, but I'm guessing around 4 grand, so it will be interesting to see what the response is. After 10 years or so, does anyone think it would be worthwhile sending a SAR to Welcome to try and get a ful
  15. Well, just phoned Welcome and they were (fairly) helpful. They gave me my account numbers, dates etc and a contact number for Aviva (which I found a bit strange). Anyway, off to phone them now.These loans were from 2002. Aviva very helpful and will post out questionairre this week. This really is quite simple (so far..........)
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