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  1. That's outrageous! The dirty tactics... the filthy ..... Let us all know what happens.
  2. congratulations. now wouldn't it be better if they just coughed up at the first polite request. when will they learn?
  3. I admire your 'dog with a bone' technique. Keep going, your going to win this one (I can feel it in my waters).
  4. I'm getting my teeth into the court bundle. Which will be in the post to them tomorrow. I called the bank last week (ever so friendly like) and asked if they were sure they didn't fancy settling and frighteningly they said that the case was progressing and they'll see me in court. So I'm a little scared but I'm not running away. Right in off to Lakeside to see if they sell any pretty wigs!
  5. Thanks Argyle. What would be really nice is if I can avoid the complication of the court bundle, but hey I'm not daft, Barclays do like to see us jumping through all the hoops. (And really thanks to this site it more click and print than anything )
  6. Thanks Rob, yep they are taking forever with court dates. I'm going to sort through some more threads before giving them a call (just to get my confidence up). Will post if there is any news.
  7. Happy New Year Everyone! Well it's been a long time without any news or movement but finally I have a court date 23 April 2007, Bow County Court. Bugger, after Easter... So I'm thinking I'll give them a call - maybe they want to settle early! Or is it way to early?
  8. AQ being hand delivered today. It's all progressing.
  9. Thanks Jackie. Just what I wanted to hear. My claim is for £1000 so defo on small claim track. I did consider going for the higher interest rate like Dunnie's claim but decided that if I had to defend it I would lose all sense and reason. I was hoping this would be resolved before I go back to work in Feburary. Don't think there is much chance of that now. My new target is Easter (it should just about pay for a holiday for us )
  10. it'll happen. hope your feeling well in your pregnancy.
  11. Hi Guys, I know I've written what seems a lot, but I would appreciate your comments. Thanks
  12. Arghhh, I hate reading legal cobble-de-gook. Barclays defence seems standard. 1. The particulars of the claim do not provide details ... or date thereof... strict proof of each charge... I've seen this on Welshie's thread. I sent them schedule at 1st request and at LBA, I also sent one (inclusive of interest at MCOL stage). 2. The defendant is entitled to charge the claimant... Anything and everything? 3. We're really standard and transparent... And illegal. 4.If and to the extent it is the claimant's case that the failure to make necassary payments... I get this one, it's all my fault so I should put up with it. 5. Accordingly, it is denied that the legal principles... Are they still claiming that they are acting/ have acted within the law? 6. Therefore, it is denied that the charges were unlawfully debited from the account. As per 5? 7. If and to the extent the claimant incurred charges on his accout this was caused by the caimant having goe ito overdraft without having agreed.. Again, it's all my fault. 8. It is averred that the said charges and interast are and remain lawful... We think not. 9. The defendant denies that it is liable to the claimant for the sums claimed and interest as pleaded by the claimant or at all. In the lternative, which is denied, the charges asserted by the claimant to have been applied to the account prior to 31 Octover 2000 would nt be recoverable for the reason of exhaustion of time in bringing contractual claims from the date of accrual, pursuant to the limitation act 1980. Am I right in thinking that I can claim from the date I became aware, 11 September was the date of my first letter (of the top of my head). And the first charge I am reclaiming is in September 2000? Do I need to say something about this in the 'other info' bit or should this wait until preparing for court? 10. In the alternative, and without prejudice to paragraph 6... Say what now? If anybody needs me to type this out in full I will do, but it all seems to be like everyone else's, although I do recall them stopping short on sentances which isn't happening anymore. Should I put this into the other info bit "I am respectfully requesting my claim be heard via the small claims track. This issue is not a complicated one; it is an issue of fact and not of law. The issue is only whether the money levied by the defendant in respect of its customer’s contractual breaches exceed or even reflect their actual costs incurred. I am happy to pay their actual costs and I am surprised the defendant did not counterclaim for these, as I would have paid them without argument. However, the continuing problem is (in common with the hundreds of other cases currently being brought by other bank customers) that the banks are refusing to reveal the details of their penalty-charging regime, and that the charges they apply to accounts for exceeding overdraft limits and so on are entirely disproportionate to the actual costs the banks incur. As the banks have a fiduciary duty towards their customers, they have a duty to deal straightforwardly and in utmost good faith. Accordingly, I would respectfully ask that the court in this case, not withstanding allocations to the small claims track, order standard disclosure. I understand that it is in the courts discretion to do so. I believe this would bring a rapid end to this litigation. I have attached the schedule of the charges I am claiming for to this allocation questionnaire to show a breakdown of the amounts for the courts perusal. I believe the case will take no longer than 1 hour". Thanks to Welshman's thread for this. I'd like to get this to the court (Bow County) as soon as possible so if anybody is out there with some advice it would be appreciated as always. Thanks once more.
  13. Well done - I love to read the winning stories. How is your wife's case progressing, and was that Barclays too?
  14. Defence received - I have to have the allocation questionaire back by 23rd. Will be posting a few questions to clarify, hope your all ready and willing (as always). Thanks in advance
  15. in the templates library you'll find the refusal letter. hth
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