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  1. Afternoon all, I am looking into a ppi claim for the father in law - he took a mortgage out back in 2000 maybe 2001 with the money group. he remember definitely taking out ppi as the mortgage broker said that he could now by his wife a nice present for Christmas with the commission! Somewhere along the lines the GE money has come up in his paper work - not sure if that would be who sold the ppi, or if they were the mortgage broker? We sent a letter to the money group and they acknowledged the account number did exist etc but they have said they have had no dealings with us follo
  2. I have just had a letter from Halifax stating that they are changing me from my moneyback account (which they have been trying to do for ages) to their new reward account. can they do this if I have not consented for them to change my account type? I have worked out that I will be better off sticking with the moneyback account instead of the reward account. any help will be appreciated
  3. That was my arguement all along and the guy on the other end of the phone did agree. His get out was the fact that the terms and conditions state only one optional extra blah blah blah. A letter wont hurt anyway, the worst they can say is no. hopefully people will read this and make sure they dont do the same as I was told he would normally get a few calls a day about this!
  4. Many thanks Buzby, i have managed to get half of what i was charged back, but still out of pocket by about £75. I will send a letter stating that this half refund shows that it was a mistake and ask for a full refund. Luckily they put me back on my deal. so i have learnt to never mess around with extras again!!!
  5. Hi I have 200 anytime mins and 500 free texts a month all for 30 quid. i registered to use vodafone online and whilst there saw a selection of optional extras. I added the 50 free texts pack. now by me doing this it reset me original 500 text down to 50 due to only being allowed one extra pack at a time. this has happened for 2.5 months now and i have had some huge bills because of this. have called in and was told taht in T&C's it explains only one extra pack allowed and by me selecting the 50 (which i thought would be an extra 50 on top of the 500 and seem to be sold to me
  6. Hi i have issued a judgement against barclaycard as they have not filed a defence. I completed the claim online and it is now showing that my judgement has been accepted and a new option under warrant is available. firstly how long do barclaycard have to pay the full amount ( i asked for it to be paid immediatley) secondly what is a warrant and should it be used, and when can i use it. many thanks sshaw101
  7. Hi all I have had two different credit cards with Natwest over the last six years, closed one down about 2 years ago and had a separate student one given to me as well. I am claiming for charges on both these cards, but would I have to do 2 separate moneyclaim forms or can i claim for them both at the same time under the same claim number? many thanks shaw
  8. Ok thanks for that. Gave them a call and asked about it, was told would loko into it. Today had a call apologising and they will get them sent out in the post straight away, so fingers crossed will have it by the weekend and can send off the LBA early next week
  9. If you can help please let me know. Firstly I had two credit cards with NatWest one normal and one student credit card. They had different account numbers and sent off for statements for both of them. They only ever sent me statements for one. Would they need a separate cheque for the second account number in order for me to recive statements, even though I specifically asked for them when sending off the cheque? Another question on the credit card is regarding a cash handling fee. In my crazy student days i got cash out on my credit card (very stupid i know). Each time i got cash ou
  10. OK have two claioms going for natwest at the moment one for the current account and claiming for £1300, have already submitted claim and now awaiting the defence, used Bandits thread to help me out with that and would recommend anyone esle to do the same. My second is a clain for the credit card and I have a few questions to ask. Firstly I had to credit cards with natwest one normal and one tsudent credit card. they had different account numbers and sent off for statements for bothj of them. they only ever sent me statements for one. Would they need a separate cheque for the second accout
  11. OK so sent of my preim letter asking for the statements, along with a cheque for £10. Recieved my statements on Saturday and the grand total I am owed is £507.50. I will now send them the LBA asking for the payment of this in full. I am also claiming money back from Natwest and a couple more credit cards so fingers crossed i will get all of my money back. Be nice if it is in time for christmas!!! will keep you up to date with how it goes and if anyone is around the same stage let me know. thanks sshaw101
  12. ok and if they do not aknowledge then what would happen or shall i wait until we cross that bridge
  13. Ok so I take it is is 28 days from the issue date which is stated on the website? So if it was issued on 12/10/2006 they have until the 9/11/06? not 28 workign days? I will send off the list of charges I am owed to Mr Higley again as well, they got the first one ages ago but is it best to resend again?
  14. Hi all have been reading a lot of the threads on hear, especially toilet bandits which has been like my bible. I submitted my online claim yesterday and checked it this morning and I have been asked to select the type of judgement, either by default or by admission. which one should? many thanks and i will keep you all updated on my progress and WHEN i get all my money back i will make my donation
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