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  1. Hi I'm all fired up now that I thought I'd post on my own behalf. I had a Nationwide Flex Account which went over my OD limit and they demanded full repayment immediately. I told them I couldn't pay it so they agreed to let me reduce it monthly but demanded a minimum of £60 a month (they said that was their minimum repayment amount) which although caused me terrible problems including incurring fees and charges, I no choice but to agree to. It was a struggle being £60 down in my monthly budget and I was unable to stick to it because I was getting more and more unpaid DD charges, so they demanded repayment in full. I had another bank account (following the advice on this site) so I arranged for my pension etc to be paid into that one so the NW wouldn't take it all in one fell swoop. Instead I set up a bank transfer from my other account into the NW on a weekly basis with what I could afford. The consequence was they closed my account and set Robinson Way on to me by phone and letter, so (again after reading the great advice on this site) I totally ignored RW but continued to and still do pay NW on a weekly basis with what I can afford. I had been with NW since 1988 and have been hit on many occasions with unpaid DD charges and fees over the years. I used to pay all my DD's from this account. As I'm paying them back would it be worthwhile trying to claim for unfair charges/fees and if so what would be my first step. I have lots of bank statements going back many years but I know I am missing some of them. Thanks Ann
  2. Thanks citizenB SAR going off tomorrow then. Ann
  3. Hi Hubby had a Capital One credit card which he paid off and the account has been closed for about 3-4 years but he paid PPI and encountered late payment fees and charges. SAR is ready to send if claim valid. Is there a time limit on PPI and wrongful fees and charges? Ann
  4. Hi Reading other posts it has been suggested making a new post for each card so here goes. Hubby had Associates/Citi credit card which he paid off and the account has been closed for about 3-4 years but he paid PPI and encountered late payment fees and charges. Reading other posts it would appear he may have a claim against them. If so SAR is ready to send. Ann
  5. Thanks W. I'd already read some of the success stories which gave me the final push to get hubby to do something. He's so laid back he's horizontal but reading all the good work that has been done on the site I thought it was time for him to stand up and be counted. SAR's being posted tomorrow Ann
  6. Hi DX and IMS You've given me the courage to carry on, thank you. I hope I can 'pick your brain' again if I need to when he gets a response. Many thanks Ann
  7. Hi DX Forgot to mention, he can't remember when he took the cards out either but I think it's over 6 years ago. Ann
  8. Hi DX You're being very patient with me, thank you. Hubby has got no statments so I've downloaded the SAR template for him to sign and send with a PO for £10, is that right? He also had cards with other companies that he paid off a couple of years ago but also had PPI on, which I've read that he might also be able to claim for them too, but he has no account details now (he shredded his statements after he closed his accounts ) There will also be late payment fees and overlimit charges on the accounts which I think I read rightly would need a separate approach. I'm sorry I'm coming across as a complete airhead (I'm not really) it's just legalese turns me into a complete moron Many thanks Ann
  9. Hi DX Thanks for your reply. Oh dear I knew there would be a fee but not that much. Problem for me is it's all too confusing. I've spent all afternoon and evening on reading various threads and I'm just getting more and more confused. Links don't work and if I end up on Justgofindit.com one more time I think I'll scream I thought there would be a complete idiots guide such as Step 1, step 2 etc with a link on each to the template needed. I've decided I am unable to go ahead with this, I'm just not up to the task of wading through every post and pretending that I know about or understand what I am reading, so I was hoping that using one of those companies that claim PPI on your behalf might be the way forward. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply, sorry to waste your time. Ann
  10. Hi Sorry to be a pain but are the companies that advertise to reclaim your PPI for you any good? Ann
  11. Hi DX Many thanks for your encouraging words. So his first step should be a SAR? Should he cancel the PPI payments now or wait until after their response to the SAR? Ann
  12. Hi, My husband has a Barclaycard and pays PPI. Because he fell behind with his monthly payments, he had been paying extra each month to try and get back to within the credit limit which he did, but we are struggling financially and it is impossible to maintain these payments. He is paying what he can but Barclaycard are ringing 2-3 times a day leaving messages to contact them. He has been with Barclaycard for over 6 years and to my knowledge has always paid PPI which he says he did not ask for. He does not have a copy of the original contract unfortunately. So we would like to ask would he be able to make a claim over the PPI and if so should he cancel it now? Neither of us are financial/legal 'savvy' and I am slightly overwhelmed by the amount of information on this site so would be extremely grateful for (or pointed in the right direction of) a 'step by step guide for dummies' as I help him take the first steps towards making a claim if he has one. Ann
  13. Hi, We owe United Utiilities for a proportion of last year's water rates. When the new bill was issued on 17 March it was for this current year and the outstanding amount. Today received a letter from Moorcrofts asking for full amount (that is amount owed from last year and this year's bill from 1 April 2011 to 31 Mar 2012.) I checked with Trading Standards as I didn't think that Moorcrofts could pursue us for a debt for services we have not yet had (I accept they could ask for last year's outstanding charges as it is our fault) and they agreed but apparently United Utilites and Moorcrofts said they can They are the only water company we can use apparently in the north west area (they obviously have the monopoly.) Has anyone else had this problem? Ann
  14. Please excuse my ignorance but I am at my wits end and would like some advice. My daughter has had her Carphone Warehouse/O2 account passed on to Roxburghe DCA. Her contract ended at the end of February 2009 but they have continued to bill her. She received the usual "would you like to upgrade" phone call just as her contract was about to end and told them no she did not want to renew her contract and was told to write to confirm it. As she was away at University she quickly wrote and posted a letter to cancel her contract but only sent it first class unfortunately. Since then she has continued to receive bills and has now had her account passed to Roxburgh DCA. She has written again to Carphone Warehouse this time sent by recorded delivery to which they have replied that they didn't receive the first letter so she will have to pay up. The account has been passed to Roxburghe who are ringing my home nearly every day (which rightly or wrongly, I am just ignoring until I know what my daughter's rights are) I have found this on the Ofcom website "When your contract is about to come to an end, your provider may automatically transfer you onto another 12 or 18 month contract. But they should let you know when this is going to happen and give you the chance to ‘opt out’." My question is:- Can a mobile phone company continue a contract past its agreement date without permission and therefore continue to bill? Many thanks Ann
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