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  1. gilly, look for postggj. He loves welcome and will give you all the help you need. jed
  2. Hi gilly. Dont worry about appearing in court over a repossesion. Its not full of people. You've got the Magistrate/district judge, you, your rep (if you have one) and the lenders rep or solicitor. Very informal, intimidating at first but not excessively so. You really need to attend this so they know that you want to resolve it. My memories of what I went through are a bit sketchy, but at the first appearance the magistrate suspended the repossesion order if we kept payments up, Unfortunately we couldnt with other things going on. So the second appearance was the worst. The magistrate was wor
  3. Obviously they are bb, especially after sending proof that debt is sb. lol. jed
  4. Hello everybody again, long time no post. I havent heard from these clowns for ages. I was surprised to get a letter this morning (that I had to sign for) from LCS solicitors. They're taking my wife to court if she doesnt reply within 14 days. They have sent the app. form/agreement, a load of t & c's and statements. The application form/agreement is illegible and doesnt have credit limit, interest rate etc. But this, used in conujunction with the t&c's they have sent could make it enforceable. I say this because the t&c's are headed 'Credit agreement between ********* and BOS.
  5. Hi nicola. I have been sending this watch to Samuels for nearly 10 years now for battery and reseal. First time i've had a problem. Samuels staff do not do the work themselves, they send it to Casio. One developement is that the watch now works fine,(alarm signal etc) so somebody at Casio is lying to me about the watch being non repairable! I dont think they even checked it out. They also put a caveat in a letter to Samuels when they returned the watch. They said that when I take up their offer of a discounted watch they want my watch sending back to them. For what reason I dont know. je
  6. Speak up steveod, I cant hear you for the music................ jed
  7. Leaving a vehicle unnattended with the engine running is illegal, with or without passengers. You're lucky plod wasn't there aswell. jed
  8. Quote; then pay them what you owe (the difference between 2hrs and 3hrs parking) I dont think so! Why should you give a ppc any money that they are not entitled to? Your advice was going quite well electricsilver, till you mentioned that. jed
  9. This is a very interesting thread. I asked the same question in a thread I started a while ago. I was not as eloquent in my questions as some of the posters in this thread though. Now I have read through, I understand it a lot more. My situation is as follows; 1st and 2nd visit fees paid. (£42.50) Van visit, not paid (£110) Levy, not paid (£46) Total £156. The bailiff has been chasing these fees for nearly 2 years now and I simply will not pay them. They have sent letters and posted letters by hand when they have visited. On one occasion when a different bailiff came he add
  10. Ask them to provide proof that they are legally entitled to collect this alleged debt. You should have had a Notice of Assignmwnt from GE and Link. Link are one of the nasty dca's who lie through their back teeth to get money out of anyone they can. For instance the homeowner and the repayment plan bit. Utter crap. Dont talk to them on the phone, (as I have said, they will lie and deny anything they have agreed to on the phone) tell them to put everything in writing or you will not deal with them. If they provide NOA's then send off a CCA request. You will get plenty of help from peo
  11. ALL weights for HGV's on road signs are Maximum Gross Weight, unless otherwise stated. jed
  12. Hi becksuk. You have a letter to say you have discharged the original loan. So what are you worrying about? Ignore their phone calls or tell them to foxtrot oscar if they ring you back. Tell them to put everything in writing if you must talk to them. Link are one of the worst dca's for talking twaddle and lying on the phone. If they have got a genuine claim you will receive court papers, but this is VERY unlikely. BTW dont send them a copy of the letter yet, make them do a bit more leg work. jed
  13. Thanks rebel. I'll keep posting. jed
  14. Dont worry about replying by that date valanne, they are all mouth and no trousers. All it means is they will start writing to you again and that nothing to be worried about now you are on here getting all the help you need to deal with these clowns. jed
  15. Hi peeps, help appreciated on this one please. I took my Casio watch into H Samuels for a new battery and reseal, as I have done for the past 8 or 9 years. Got the watch back but found it was faulty. (it had stopped 'beeping' when you press the mode buttons and also for the alarm) There was nothing wrong with the watch when I originally took it in apart from the battery. So I took it back and they sent it back to Casio for checking out. About a week later Samuels rang me back to say that Casio had discovered there was a fault with the watch and it could not be repaired because the parts
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