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  1. Excellent idea, useful informationl. Many many thanks. AND: please make more PodCasts. regards Koniva PS: Could you or anyone else elaborate a bit more on what constitutes 'a reasonable lenght of time' an item has to function propperly.
  2. Well, first of all many thanks to all for the advise. Bookworm: i was enquiring on someone's behalve as i happen to have internet. thats why it may be a bit odd. Kizan: i would be most grateful for further direction as to what company/ies for example you have identified. koniva
  3. Hallo everybody, does anybody have any experience with this? I am luckily not affected but would value practical tips. Would one be covered in the EU anyway (via E111/European health insurance card - without special travel insurance that is)? If so - what would be covered? If needed: Are some insurances better than others? Many thanks for any help/advise. koniva
  4. i got a very similar letter. i will stick to the process and see what happens. best of luck koniva
  5. Thanks to all of you. I have tried to get the LL addres from the letting agency. despite 4 emails no response. i also called twice. it is very difficult to have a functioning professional relationship if the other part doesnt answer. in the mean time the curtains+holder came down (nearly pearcing my partner in the process of it) water came through the wall and despite emailing the letting agency (photos attached) no response. although i hate to do that i think they see how far they can go. it looks like a real bad letting agent/LL combo. Ozzywizard: i found out in the mean time
  6. i have very good experience with my previous landlord but nfortunately my current letting agent/LL is not quite as good. is there any place to share my experience so others may benefit? something like a rating who is good & who isn't? cheers
  7. Hallo there, just had a look through the section and couldn't find this one, hence the question. we just moved in a new flat. the contract states that i have to use the gas and electricity supplier already in place (utility warehouse). i did discuss this with the letting agent and was told from their point of view i am free to chose any supplier. thereafter i signed (but failed to document the result of the discussion with letting agency in contract). as utility warehouse is not cheap (and there is a possibility the LL will have some financial advantage by me being a UW costome
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