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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Received a "good will jesture" offer, rang the number explained this is my SECOND CLAIM and issued court papers last time, before settling for the full amount. The guy asked how much would I consider settling for. Trying not to laugh, I said nothing but the full amount(£802) as I received the full amount on my other account (£4k). He accepted, sent me revised settlement offer and I have sent it back today. If you do receive the offer notices, give them a ring, speak to them as the guy I spoke to didn't appear to be call centre staff, I got through direct and it was sorted in less than 5 m
  3. FULL Refund landed in my account this morning, time to complete the survey and make donation. One account down one more to go.
  4. Halifax confirmed on the phone today that they are refunding me in full. Same old excuse though that its not illegal but for commercial reasons only (according to the letter). I just have to wait for the money to land on Monday, so they said, but as I then said to them, only then will I cancel the court proceedings. I've already enlisted loads of others to start, some with more owing than me and others with large business issues.
  5. I have just received a Notice of Defence that Amount Claimed Has Been Paid. Only thing is no payment has been received. They offered £250 but I refused. Also the Notice says see attached Form N9B, but there was no attachment. Does any body know what this form is, is it the form Halifax are meant to return?? Has anybody else had a response like this?? Merged threads, please keep to the same one.
  6. Thanks blindman, Spoke to Katie at legal services (who signed the letter), and shes made a file note as to what I am requesting to clear it up. She's leaving today (sounded very chearful about that) so a Rachel will be taking it up from next week. I'll be contacting her then to follow it up, and make sure the note has been added. I'll be adding all the "Interest charged on Unauthorised Overdraft" amounts up though so I know where I am for future conversations.
  7. Re: my letter about £250 refund, I have just had a letter back saying they offered me six months back (£250 isn't last 6 months worth??) and that I refused (if you read the letter i didn't) and that they are not prepared to refund all charges incurred. Then refers me to Financial Ombudsman. I think it was Ant & Dec that sang - lets get ready ready, lets get ready ready, lets get ready to rumble.
  8. I have received a letter from legal services querying my MCOL. I put in the claim an amount for overdraft interest, but didn't specify the amount as it can't be calculated. They refer me to Rule 16.4 (1)(a) of the Civil Procedure Rules, which I have read on line, and they are right in there query. They have given me 7 days to respond. But what is the best way to proceed, so not to damage my case?? Has any else received one?
  9. Mine was acknowledged after 3 days from after court issued, 7days after I issued (but was over easter weekend). Don't panic they will acknowledge as it gives them more time to get some more interest of us.
  10. Seems as if they are getting a bit peeved. My claim was acknowledged 20th April also, and we filed same day, so I'll be watching you to see who gets reimbursed first, but hopefully we'll both succeed in the end.
  11. Claim acknowledged 20th April. 25days max to go.
  12. Take away spaces when you can e.g. sch. 2 (1) (e) becomes sch.2(1)(e) = 3spaces. Take out any unnecessary comments, or ones that can be shortened with simple english. Keep fixed text re: interest at 8% para. though. I also found that the form threw in spaces as well, check you lines, sometimes it adds spaces, it takes time to check by deleting spaces at the end of each line, sometimes adding back in. It does take time I'm afraid. What I ended up doing was saving it and copying to word and pasting back in when done (using Tools - Word Count - Characers with spaces to check)
  13. FAX just sent to Customer Relations Team. Thank you for your letter dated 17th April 2006, as the above reference Nr. in response to my letter (titled Letter Before Action) dated 30th March 2006, and my subsequent telephone conversation with your Helen Sutcliffe of today’s date. I wish to reiterate my conversation in that I do not accept your offer of £250.00 as a full and final settlement, but will in this instance accept this amount as an interim payment, (made payable to the account detail above) against the full amount requested. Please be advised I still request the full amount
  14. Blindman yes it did say as expected "I tried to call you ... ..." Update as promised; 1. Called 01422 333465 (Customer Relations) but was engaged for over 30mins?? 2. Finally got through to CR, but not Manager on the letter using 08457 253519. 3. Asked what letter was responding to whether my 1st request, LBA or court claim, answer was don't know which letter but was to a letter (letter dated 3 days after end of LBA time limit), no detail of court claim yet on file (Copy Notice of Issue states deemed to be served on 18th April. 4. When was phone call? record of call made 17th A
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