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  1. Yeah I got same letter this morning. Link they sent does not work which to me shows they are tryin to worm their way out of it? Trouble is, I shouldn't use my card for personal stuff but have and I don't want to get into trouble with work for trying to claim money that shouldn't have occured in the first place!! My card has my name on it but company name under it. All legal charges etc are mine and not my companies which makes me think I can claim? I will send a letter and see what they say! Let me know how you get on! Neil
  2. Hi all. I have a corperate Amex card which I have racked up £580 in charges for late payments. I have issued them a letter for reclaiming these but they say as it is a business card they are exempt and the charges are only for consumer cards. As I use this to buy other personal items also and I am the one who gets bad credit if I go over my limit etc, surely it is my problem and not my company's therefore I am correct in trying to reclaim my charges??? Are they correct in saying this and that I cannot claim anything? please help as they are robbing b********!!!!! cheers Ne
  3. Well guys and gals. After 8 long months of paperwork and hassle it has all been worth it. Abbey have settled out of court for the full amount inc. interest of £1235. To be honest I was sceptical whether it would all come good and to be honest was getting a little scared of impending court appearances. But after sending in the court bundle that was kindly supplied by the guys here, Abbey immediately sent letter saying they are settling out of court as their costs would be too high to go to court. I am totally over the moon and would say to everyone who is in the same position,
  4. Right I have got my head around the CAG court bundle!!! at last. Just a quick one, In my pack I was going to photocopy the preliminary offer letter from Abbey, the one that says 'Without Predujice' to show the court that they have made me an offer which must surely show some kind of guilt. Is this a good idea or should I not put this in? Any advice appreciated. Cheers Neil
  5. bookworm don't suppose that you being in Croydon you wanna meet for a beer one lunchtime to go through it with me? I work in Croydon high street and will buy you a pint or two!
  6. Wow scary stuff! Thanks very much for your help. It is really intimidating I suppose, taking on a high street bank in the courts. I just assumed as most people probably do from reading about this stuff that it wouldn't go to court and you wouldn't have to go this far! I'll print it all off and have a good read through then. Thanks again
  7. Thanks guys. At least I'm not alone!! Bookworm, the pack I unzipped is full of gobbledegook to me! Do I need to use the whole thing or just take out the unlawful charges bit? I'm maybe being stupid but never having done this before it all looks very legal and scary!! I just need to know what to put in the court pack for them so I don't look a fool and potentially lose. Do I really need all this??? Cheers guys Neil
  8. Hey I'm in process of taking Abbey to court. It took me almost 2 months to get my statements!!! They are really bad at it, saying they were very busy etc and they waived my £10 statement fee. whoopee. Keep on in there as they will drag it out as long as they can get away with. Very frustrating but hopefully it will be worth it in the end! My court case is in January, 8 months after first applying for my statements!! Lets all kick them where it hurts, they have been doing it to us, their loyal customers for ages!
  9. After almost 7 months of trying to get my money back from Abbey I now have a date for court in January. They offered me half back which I refused and want the whole amount as seems to be what everyone keeps saying! Now I am scared of cocking it all up at the last minute as the court require a bundle from me for my claim. I have copied all my statements and highlighted the charges but I don't know what else to send. I saw a link on here for a court bundle but none of it made any sense! Please can somebody give me some advice as to what I should send them? Thanks Neil
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