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  1. The form was a application for the credit card back in 2007. No SAR as yet though capital one did send a copy of the form back with my dads signature and all that so the box was ticked. The said the ppl was sold on a non advised basis and therefore my dad ticked the box indicating he wanted the policy. Dad was in employment at the time but received no documents regarding the ppi so even if he wanted to claim he couldn't due to not knowing what he was covered for.
  2. I have started a ppi claim on behalf on my father for his capital one credit card this was back in April. Capital one came back to us with the agreement and the tick box was ticked and rejected the claim. But I am pretty sure this is not the end of it as they failed to provide any documentation at the time the card was active regarding the ppi. I would like to get some help as to the next steps. This it the only ppl claim I have encountered a problem with.
  3. Well just as well my dad didn't pay them as they would have fleeced him for the whole debt. And I have no intention of doing one of their plans online. I will draft up a letter for them and post it up before I send it to them
  4. Dealt with them today after 45 mins on the phone, they won't hassle my dad, they can try to hassle me instead, but I stated on the phone the estate rendered no return and they insisted I do an asset plan online, so I stated before I do that I require the note of assignment. And a copy of the agreement. Let's see what happens when I back it up with a formal request in writing
  5. I will find out more tomorrow when I visit him as I had a phone call from my sister about it saying he was upset and fearful of court action. The name Philip Cohen was mentioned and I know they collect on behalf of Ambrose Wilson with whom my mum had dealings with, tomorrow this will get sorted out, will keep the thread posted and thanks for the advice guys much appreciated.
  6. hi i'm looking for some advice on behalf of my father dealing with my mums estate after she passed away last month. there is no money left in the estate after the funeral costs yet my dad is getting worked up and upset as creditors are contacting him. what can i do and where does he stand/
  7. I work from 2 til 8, 1 hour break unpaid, 30 hours a week, the 2.5 hours are extra as a team leader I have admin work to do, but all I seem to be getting recently is just the 30 hours a week.
  8. This is what I'm going to write. Dear boss It is with a lot of regret I'm having to write this formal letter to you concerning the hours I'm contracted to work, yet not receiving those hours i am entitled to be paid for as per said contract. Past 3 weekly wages I have missed out on the 2.5 hours under contract, totalling 7.5 hours and I respectively ask that these hours be paid to me.
  9. I have a signed contract and all the relevant wage slips showing the difference, the contract does state I'm contracted for 32.5 hours a week.
  10. Over a year now, is there a template letter?
  11. Hi folks, I need some employment advice. My situation is this, I'm contracted to work 32.5 hours a week yet for the past 3 weeks I've been paid for only 30 hours. Every time I say to my line manager about It to get something sorted out it never seems to happen. It's not the first time is has happened though and I'm getting really ****ed about it so what can I do?
  12. SAR Halifax ASAP, get the info needed which will tell you if there's ppi or charges to reclaim back and thank 1st crud for their response and account is in dispute concerning the actual balance,.
  13. here is the agreement that was sent to my mum, can someone have a look at it plz, i'm pretty sure its not worth the paper it's written on but other opinions are good to hear. http://i1356.photobucket.com/albums/q729/andrewdarlinguk/mumsppiagreementedited_zps1352f8ee.png
  14. Ok, post them up and let us have a look and the agreement too if you haven't already done so.
  15. Are they the historic terms and conditions or current, if current remind them that you need the terms and conditions that were in force at the time you applied. Also remind them that documentation needs to be legible and to send you a copy that is, as that is what the law and courts would require.
  16. Send a letter to them thanking them for the statement dating 2006 to 2008 but remind them that you require statements from the beginning of the account and that account is still in dispute
  17. Lol, charge them for the email as its your time they are wasting.
  18. Did you send the SAR off to haliprats, if so then you can tell 1st crud that the dispute is on going with the OC and you are awaiting information from them. Make them aware that until the dispute is resolved they should not be passing accounts on in dispute and should they try to enforce you will defend and counter claim for distress caused.
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