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  1. Thanks for the congrats guys. Yes, it was a long hard slog, but I got there in the end. I would also mention that I've closed my HSBC account! x
  2. Oh, I get this message when I try to send a PM: GordonTheGopher, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.
  3. I don't know what you're on about...and what relevance is has?!?! However, I just sent all correspondense to the branch address on my statements. It worked.
  4. Hi there, Same thing happened here. Got their offer for the full amount before the AQ needed to be submitted. Sent my acceptance back to them then actually forgot about the AQ submission date!! Can you believe that?! Well, it had well and truly passed by the time I realised, so just chased them up again for the money. Finally got a call back and all the money in my account. So just wrote to the court upon receipt saying this matter has been resolved our of court and asking for the case to be closed. Hope this helps! GTG. x
  5. Finally, last week it was won!! Got the full amount through - just under £2,800. Had to chase them loads for the money though, after I sent my acceptance back. Have written to the court to tell them it's settled out of court now too. Thanks LOADS to everyone on this site, and the site itself! Perhaps a Moderator could move this thread to WON, now?? Thanks. GTF. xx
  6. Thanks so much for the reassuring replies guys. It's SO appreciated. Thank God the AQ £100 is recoverable too if it gets that far. Will keep you updated. Thanks again, GTG. x
  7. Ok guys, an update! I have been reading a few of the other threads and now find myself in a similar position: I have heard from DG Sols and also have the confirmation through that they intend to defend the claim I submitted via MCOL. I got a letter from them last week asking for full details of the claim (like HSBC haven't already provided them with this!) so sent all the info off again asking them for the full charges plus interest plus court fee. Today I have received the allocation form and full info from my local court - but have to pay the additional £100 fee when I fill it in. I have a short while to get this info completed. However, it would appear that reading through the threads, I will get another letter from DG Sols either offering partial (again) or full settlement. Obviously I am still going for the full amount. My question is - it would appear that this will be resolved before my time is up to fill in the allocation form. Has anyone paid the £100 and filled it in then settled? Do you get the £100 back or should I hand on for a while longer and wait to hear from DG Sols before my deadline is up? Thanks guys, GTG. xx
  8. Ok guys, I have defo not accepted their offer. Today I moneyclaimed them and it's almost £2,700 incl interest and fees. Wish me luck - thanks for all the advise and I'll keep you posted on how things develop!
  9. The thing is, their 14 days are up to pay in full. I have decided just to go ahead and issue a summons on them now - remember I said if they'd not paid in full within 14 days I would take action WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE. Thanks so much for the replies etc. I'll let you know how things go.
  10. Hi, I live in a small block of 12 flats, 4 of which are privately owned (bought from the council) the rest of them are council tennants. I own my flat which makes me a leaseholder. A housing management company manages all council properties (one of these arms length organisations) and they have one contractor who does all the jobs for them. The trouble that I and the rest of the leaseholders have is that the housing company have loads of goverment money to modernise repair all their properties and are really going to town. The tennants do not pay, but us leaseholders are receiving enormous bills and estimates for work to the whole block. We are querying the amounts. Eg only 5 years ago the whole block had to roof refelted and the fascia's/gutters done for about £11K. Now, less then 1/3 of the fascia on the block has rotted and needs replacing. First query is with guarantees (they say only 1 year?! Should be more??) and buildings insurance (always gets knocked back) - but for 1/3 of the blocks fascia only (roof ok) we are now being quoted in excess of £6K!! I have asked for a full cost breakdown as I cannt see how about 25 feet of gutter can cost so much, but nothing forthcoming. Does anyone know what we can do about this or any official body we can go to for help? Thanks!! x
  11. Thanks loads for the replies so far. Still quite undecided but defo going to sleep on it for the rest of the weekend and decide at the start of the week what I'm going to do. Any more comments in the meatime will be greatfully received and I'll let y'all know what I decide. Thanks!
  12. No reason. Just lots of "crap" about me agreeing to the T's and C's when I opened the acccount and although they do not have to refund me anything, they are prepared to offer said amount!
  13. Hi All, This website is great!! Second 14 day letter sent to HSBC by registered delivery (1st 14 day letter ignored) and today I have received an offer from them. I am claiming just over £2,000 in charges from them and they have offered just over £,1800. Now, from reading forums and watch the TV, I understand that this is a good first offer but would like to know your thoughts. I see that they have ended up paying in full for a lot of claims. Baring in mind how near we are to Xmas, what would you do? Accept their offer or write back to them and demand the full amount and if full amount is not forthcoming they will receive a summons incl extra interest and charges? Off to sleep on it and see what the family think, but would love to hear from you guys in the meantime too. Thanks, GTG. xx
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