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  1. thanks. might try that. any other advice anyone before i go ahead? much appreciated!
  2. yes sent schedule of charges and it's been over 28 days. should i 'start judgement' on moneyclaim? or contact DG solicitors directly?
  3. Hi- I did my money claim thing and HSBC's solicitors asked me for a break-down of charges. My friend did this and got paid within another 2 weeks - but i've heard nothing. What's happened? Do I contact their solicitors or start a judgement online. I don't even know what that means! ANY HELP MUCH APPRECIATED!!
  4. thanks very much. i'll probably just leave it then... indeed, when dead hungarian composers pop up, you know you're into something big
  5. Just had MCOL acknowledged. Quick question: 1. I need to update my claim, as they've charged me more since. ANyone know how I can do this? *Crosses Fingers*
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