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  1. Hi I really need some help my late mother's retiremet plan A couple of weeks ago i heard that loads of money was held in unclaimed pensions so i decided to make an enguiry to the Pension Tracking service. They came back and said that they had a record so i wrote off to the company. i recieved a reply from the company saying they did not hold a record of her but JPMC Retirement Plan did. I contaced them last week and the chap on the phone said that they did have a record of my mother's death oin 1993 and said he would send out some forms and mentioned birth certs. This morning i
  2. Hi i have an issue with my mortgage which was taken out in 2004 and hope that someone can clarify my position for me. When we took the mortgage out we had a self cert flexible options mortgage as my husband is self employed and inevitably there are times when he is not working so we decided that this mortgage was the best option for us. Since taking out the mortgage we have "drawn down" on it twice once in about 2005 for £5000 to put new bathroom and kitchen in and again for £13000 in 2009 to put an extension on. When we drew down in 2009 i was told that the flexible options had been remove
  3. Hi I have just done the Employment Status Indicator on HMRC website and he comes out as employed. So if that is the case he is entitled to holiday pay but even with the post from Kurvaface i am still not sure how IR35 works. My understanding is that it was set up to stop Ltd companies paying enourmous salaries to themselves and drawing down dividends thus avoiding tax. Is that basically right, and if so how does it affect us? And would the paying agency the company he works for or him be liable for the excess tax he is bound to owe if IR35 applies?
  4. Yes CIS is a building trade thing for tax its a form of PAYE and usually 20% is stopped at source
  5. That is what I thought. Then we come into the area of IR35 who is responsible for that seeing as he is only paying 20% there will be a shortfall if he is deemed to be employed and would IR35 affect him as he is working as a sole trader on CIS and not as a LTD company?
  6. He works for one company and gets paid through another. The company he works for sets out salaries etc. It gets really complicated and i dont really understand it.
  7. Hi My husband has been working on the same contract for over a year now and has up until now received holiday pay. The holiday pay was always marked down on the pay summary along with 20% CIS deduction and agency fee. He works for one company and get paid through another? Last year on the Friday before Christmas all of the outstanding holiday pay was paid to them. This year my husband has taken a number of days as holiday and been paid for them however, many of his co-workers have not taken any of their days. About a week ago they were all told that they would no longer be recei
  8. Hi I got your message and to be honest the best advice I can give you is listen to what everyone on this forum has to say and dont give in. Dont know if you have read my thread or not but we were days from going to court before they caved in. It is really nerve racking but dont give in.
  9. Hi I just have a quick question. Is there anyway Halifax can start this claim again? Thanks
  10. Hi I have really had enough of all the fighting now, although it would be great to get costs back I feel that I have done what i set out to do. The only thing i would like extra is to get the default off of my credit file. Would this be possible? Thanks
  11. Of the top f my head i think 8it was multi track, does that make sense?
  12. Hi all I think ihave had some really good news. i got a letter today from Halifax's solicitors with Notice of Discontinuation attached. Does this mean i have won? Thans
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